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Is this official? Season 2 please....!!!! I love watching GFB, and I love lee sueng gi more & more..Good luck guiz!! These both dramas were perfect , this couple is my fav couple. it's not even an open ending. Won Jin A Asianwiki. Hellbound (1994) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Also I name myself as "Stress" cause I'm getting stressed with this kdrama. Jose Mar 25 2020 9:58 am The flow is slow. Jazz Dec 20 2018 4:24 am Anyway it just two episodes and so far I enjoyed it. Jerome's death (Yoo Teo charater). @Surururu I think the same w/ you.. but after GFB Seung Gi dated w/ Yoona I love you!!! Wtf they gave my lee seungi oppa so many antagonist to deal with not fair. you are so......smart in sungkyunkwan scandal. I think it will be his best so far and ofcaurse with seuzy deb myers May 30 2013 3:38 pm How am I supposed to wait for the next episodes? jane Aug 13 2018 12:15 am lizzy ur so funny!!!! Stephanie Oct 16 2019 4:13 am It was really exiting show to watched. Hellbound is a 1994 American supernatural thriller film starring Chuck Norris, Calvin Levels and Christopher Neame. Tbh I love all the casts. Is it last episode 16..but the story was not finished..hoping season 2 will come soon. That Lilly girl is trying so hard to be charismatic and intimidating but end up sounding dumb lol. he should be the one who get the lead actress..n after watching the final episode i've fall into a minor depression afterwards..hahaha.. No one have attained their goals.. not even edward. Ginger Crunch Sep 28 2019 9:18 am Yoon Anna May 18 2019 11:52 am great action-drama this year. So I'm gonna watch of course. AnonYmous Oct 15 2019 12:34 am Period. if they give season two, that will be great..if there is not, then this is worst ending.. But can't deny that they have the chemistry that everyone will watch out for! @just another writer, I don't know anything about ferry but the closest case related with air plane is Malaysia's MH370 & MH17. updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); They mighty have canceled it. hi i really loved your works.i am from iran i want to see u more. Blood is definitely boiling! Please be healthy and please be in a drama again! He is such a great actor!! You would think Korea would’ve improved on that already!!!! cactus Sep 29 2019 6:35 am OPPA SARAGHEEE!!!! Yes, the ending is not that satisfying but in my opinion this drama is not enough for season 1 only. An assasin ? Thank you actors and crew for your very good and hard work , Now Lee Seung Gi is my favorite actor. So excited for this drama! I am waiting for your Punch movie .When will it be spread in Burma Rangoon. Wsjkk Jul 09 2019 1:16 pm Lilith Jan 28 2020 10:59 pm i'm madly in love with u moon jae shin.you are my dream prince!!!!!!! Can't wait to see Suzy + Seung Gi act alongside each other again! :) Will watch Sky and Ocean next.. :). Oh my God.. I love Vagabond! Kiki Oct 12 2019 8:50 am Mitch Sep 20 2019 9:47 am googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 90/100 (7512 votes) So I am looking forward to that! anyong!!!! It's so refreshing to watch an actor look believable as a King and Yoo Ah In is definitely that. The other 3 actors are also good in portraying their roles, however you can't help to not notice yoo ah in as moon jae shin, he made the story even more better with his role as geoloh and moon jae shin...and for the first time i wanted the other character to should have ended up with the leading lady but it's ok for me in the end...we've been watching sungkyunkwan for how many times now and we couldn't get over it. Anne Sep 19 2020 11:52 am And Vagabond made me stay waiting for the next episodes, the cast and cinematography looks promising.Hopefully it will be great and interesting for the rest episodes. Azmi Oct 28 2019 7:29 am The story is complex and the secondary older actors very good. Maybe they judge her first before watching it.. yeah idk. hey ... melcyoo Jul 30 2020 3:08 am will there be a second season? I am a fan of Park Si ho. Extraordinary??? Support him with his recent works: #Alive, Voice of Silence (showing in Korea soon! i hope Seung Gi oppa will accept it.. Alexja Jan 12 2019 5:42 pm . how come an ending looks like that especially with no plans of making season 2? i m a srilankan . Season 2!?!?!? inlove with Mark,here i am again There's no way that kind of fight can be won legally with the kind of power Samael and his organization wilds, Dal geon and Haeri don't even have power, let alone enough of it, the presidency is under their thumb. W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); I hate the ending. I bet it will be the same next week! becouse there tandem had so nice...... mojgan Aug 16 2013 12:44 pm jen Oct 31 2010 6:25 am I mean what's so important about a baseball game anyway?! Thumbs up?? yu ah in i really dislike you most especially in jang ok jung. Sometimes they look different in how they wear their hair, etc. F C. Thailand Feb 14 2011 12:00 pm Korean people yoy should be proyd of Vagabond a credit to your Coubtry and pride how much talented you created this kdrama firstly i was not this excited, but after finished watching that drama, i really reallyy like him. is it true that this kdrama will be produced in Morocco? Please do check him out in his works!! At the first episode there is a guy name "Samael" I really wonder who it is because they never show his face but I think its either Edward or Mr. Hong. He loves his job enough to challenge himself when he works, so he's really versatile and open to a lot of things. the story being weird after episode 14. i think i expected too much from this drama.. Shomar Nov 10 2019 5:30 pm asher Jan 29 2016 6:42 am It looks promising! Ha Ji Won please!! Vagabond, I'm rooting you all. Cant wait, Tae Jul 21 2019 4:29 am PTT Apr 01 2018 9:23 pm Blunt Sep 22 2019 6:35 am I love your skills and your expressive eyes. This drama gradually improves as it goes on episode by episode. I have so many favorite actors.. but you are the best. hello ah in shi!!! janel Dec 07 2012 7:19 am Looleas Oct 01 2019 7:41 pm love you oppaa, The funkstar Jan 27 2016 11:58 am If there was more raises I'm sure Netflix would have it. lol, cihuyyy Jul 10 2018 6:01 pm What is with the shaky camera scenes when there is any gun shots or fighting it is so annoying and hard to watch. We hope you will come. . At least give us confirmation first ? stranger May 30 2014 2:11 am Stress Nov 03 2019 11:22 am Powerful portrayal complimented extremely well by Kim Hee Ae. Our governments are such a travesty...how they truly sometimes dont care about the people's well being when that is why they were elected. star May 24 2016 7:52 am Gosh, you were daebak! I love you Bae Suzy. I really happy to see Mon Jae shin.May you see my words and love............ hm..^^ (Secret) hehe May 27 2011 3:17 am He is so good and great at acting these type of scenarios. Anyways this drama is not for everyone but its really enjoyable, Aliyah Oct 06 2019 7:14 am why ? Dafuq did I even watch it for? Your so smart , talented and your you! Claire Jul 03 2020 12:12 am Haimihaiku Oct 17 2019 3:18 am Cynthia Nov 12 2019 11:30 am LSG pro and con in this drama is that he's wild card like when he pull the trigger even if the gun wasn't loaded WTF why? You'll see how he's just a precious human being living in a big house, who has a lot of thoughts, and he's not afraid to speak his mind. yes yes yes!!! BF Jun 05 2018 3:56 am Another comment is, I felt they dramatized the female villain plus Lily too much that I can't help but to feel cringe everytime they open their mouth. Lyn May 23 2019 9:50 pm Beberex Dec 03 2019 4:30 am Won Jin A Asianwiki. But yeaa, this is just drama.. everything can be.. Drama itself was so good that I plan to re watch this drama. pilot alive what happened? query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); 6-7.5/10. Pei Pei Mar 15 2020 2:18 pm It was amazing. so this happens in my country ... so suzy was in my country and I didn't knew about that ... why no body tells me that ? Revvs Nov 05 2019 10:05 pm Although Korean viewers expect a story to wrap up after one season, American and European fans of drama prefer multiple seasons with cliff-hangers in between. Bye bro, MsBirdland Apr 09 2011 2:57 am now yu ah in is my idol thats bcos of her drama series (sungkyunkwan scandal) hope to watch some of her drama, Annie Nov 23 2012 6:33 am OMG! Such a sad ending, yet quite an acting. Like this normal citizen dude is invincible. Need season 2!! I hope there will be a next season that would give more sense of the entire story. I waited for this for almost a year but my satisfaction for the ending is not that good. i'm gonna miss you once skks will be done..... hope to see more drama from you...... and hopefully this time you are the lead actor. @abcusa : agree, Asha Nov 09 2019 6:30 pm MALAYSIAN PLEASE GO TO ASTRO CHANNEL 303 ( KBS WORLD ), CHILWU , THE MIGHTY What a waste of time if no season 2. You are so talented and I love you so much. It was made for South Korean TV. I hope and pray it gets the ratings it deserves. I used to to shy away from action-based k-dramas but Fiery Priest changed my mind. Its like they play with the viewer. Is he gonna be able to read this? Everyone wants second season, but I guess there wont be and that's sad... Just expect a not so good ending and you'll like these series. Its on its way, I have a good feeling this drama would be a huge hit. hi!imlooking forward 4 ned dramma hope so........you will become success in yoor carrier......yoo ah-in.nice and great the way u act,.. marrys26 Dec 08 2010 4:19 pm Kim Ji won and Lee Seung Gi Please!!!! Halo Nov 08 2019 5:44 pm Oops I spammed lol I love ep.4 the most so far. He born to be a great actor! Drama lover Jul 21 2017 6:44 am Talitha Neville Dec 05 2019 3:43 pm I love the performance of Lee Seung Gi,Suzy and the portuguese António Pedro Cerqueira! I LOVE them both act together. Mary Mar 17 2015 3:22 pm Loved him in this drama. Rire Jan 12 2019 8:28 am Lee Seung Gi plays a trained stuntman of note to his full potential! So damn good so far! Actually, I hate watch on going drama. This show had me jumping up and down every scene, it was so exhiliarating. I doesn't think I have a chance..because many girls love you ...so get my best wishes to your life. I enjoyed soo much and season 2 Will be just as amazing, @x37 Jul 31 2020 1:24 am Won jin ah (born march 29, 1991) is a south korean actress. Iris 2 and Athena which came after all had started great,only to lose audience on the way even with great cast. Mia Jul 31 2017 10:42 am so excited for this one!! I expected much ruthless cover up since the president involved with it. Too many bad people. The're airing two 30 mins eps in a day so 4 eps per week. so don't just focus on the ending, but focus on the plot overall! I'm crying while watching it. After watching 2 ep. I'm excited for people to see him playing a new role in Hellbound. He really stole my heart ♥♥. PS: NetFlix better work on a second season. He really is handsome and also such a good actor. Please release another song. It's so intense. ❤️❤️❤️. Ropa eiffel Feb 06 2019 8:02 am Can't Suzy and Lee Seung Gi have a proper ending? I can say this is the best Korean thriller crime drama I hab ever come across. Actually, I drop Vagabond for another drama few weeks ago but I'm starting to watch it again for the sake of my own curiosity. pls update me on the other projects of these young koreans, so with ha in so. Really amazing! the dream of working with you one day has given me nothing but motivation and there’s nothing I can do about that ? Profil Aktris Korea Won Mi Won. Whatever but i will miss vagabond when its over TT but now its not over until it is over. This complex thriller leads to an even more intense level in the last 4 episodes, and I can’t wait for season 2. I am not even sure what to expect from the end...I mean like TH? This is unique..??? I was falling in love with your acting. sheila Nov 01 2008 11:26 pm Everything looks so real. Waiting for the next episode of this drama is like being left me stranted in the desert place. Season 2 is a must!!! For an NIS agent, Haeri is sure a weak one but, she seems improved in the latest ep. Maybe fans who love action genre appreciate it more. This K-drama was honestly 10/10. Been a fan of this exemplary actor just this year when I came across his drama, Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I think the biggest regret that I have that it is on Netflix. fan Mar 29 2020 11:14 pm mauigirl Feb 24 2016 7:06 pm I rarely commend or pick on specific Korean celebrities, but I do think that he has more to give and should be given the right projects in order for him to grow into a bigger star than he is or should be. Rey S. Oct 07 2019 12:48 am risarisachan Dec 02 2010 10:37 pm Hope this is trueee, so happy if it is!!! Fast paced and interesting from beginning to end. Even though in the Korean Drama category, I felt like watching a continuous weekly movie, Dien Sep 21 2019 10:46 pm She is just potraying her character in which she is a rookie agent and is more about using fist . I hope you will get a chance to work with song ji hyo one day. U r so cool but I'm so sad to saw ur drama Jang ok jung. I need season 2. you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo handsome & perfect..we are crazy about korean dramas..specially the ones you act in..wish you all the best..hope one day you will visit srilanka..love YOU a lot..<3 <3. I hope it reaches the 30% ratings its aiming for. Aiselayne May 05 2019 6:12 am I like everything about you. I somehow recall them together somewhere or something but it wasn't a drama, probably the same award or award ceremony. I like it so far! They will only air on November 22-23. debo Nov 10 2019 11:33 pm I hope he wins an award for his superb acting and definitely the couples' award with Kim Tae Hee. How can i get second lead syndrome while there is Lee Seung Gi as the first with that hot role? ;) ♡, Aina May 08 2015 2:52 am NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 TV programs (including news, sports, variety, etc.) Although certain aspects of the Korean entertainment industry have been affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak—shoots and tours abroad, performances, and other promotional efforts have been cancelled—filming for many of the upcoming dramas has not been stopped or delayed. ?? Wife is really upset at me for making her watch this show with no guaranteed second season and the season ending the way it did. Your honesty and courage to do what you want in life, have been very inspiring for a young individual like me who's trying to achieve my dream in life. The whole cast is amazing. (this is also the problem in all action kdrama) The Raid and Jhon Wick are good example of how to do action sequences. He can play so deep. Though I abhor long dramas, I made an exception to this one because it was thrilling and exciting. I will watch for these writers again and stay away. I saw him for the first and only time in Sung Kyunkwan Scandal, and I thought he was really good in the drama. I wish I could see you again in other dramas and I really hope that you're the main actor plus, I want you with your long hair. Oh we'll. Lee seung gi's acting is excellent. Looks like Netflix strikes again! This drama is produced by the company she is signed to, I know they just had a drama together but I'm just so greedy <3, Dooley Mar 05 2018 2:28 am Someone give me a High Ten for this drama. I've just finished with final episode and tbh the ending was freaking upset unless it will be a season 2. OMG, can't wait any longer. whynot May 01 2016 12:10 am Having to know him in Jang Ok Jung, I already feel in love with his acting skill, but his acting in Six Flying Dragon was totally excellent!! After that I watched Antique, Boys of Tomorrow, Shim's Family and I must say, he is now 1 of my favourite korean actors. His whole government got away with mass murder with The assistance of Axis; why can not he become a trained mercenary soldier and use their own system against them? I was very glad that you starred in her video. Just finished watching Sado for 5 times. 5. Ere Apr 24 2020 11:59 am Yura Aug 31 2019 10:54 am sushi Oct 05 2019 2:25 pm That's a bit boring because their mostly talking about politics on the previous episodes and the three of lead cast has a little scene, but on the latest eps it's become interesting... With Oct 16 2019 10:01 pm This Vagabond Drama is Cool .. Don't lose to the Action movie. Looking forward for more of Yoo Ah-In too. maritess Sep 19 2019 11:23 pm rhymecho May 24 2019 5:12 am Noner Jul 27 2020 5:08 am I think that Edward is probably behind all this. Mala Jun 15 2020 8:17 pm Mariem May 23 2018 4:12 pm I hope you know that you have fans in Tunisia(north africa) too ;Wish u all the best. By the way, I'm your greatest fan ( Thae Su ) is my real name . Cast Han hyo joo please. The story-line is good.. you're so good in acting. I guess you have shown all your acting hues and it is time to relax and make your fans see a sweet romantic movie!!! Shinji Oct 26 2019 2:41 pm I think the real culprit is Edward Park and Haeri works under him. It’s the BEST of the BEST. Ok, when i'm watching this drama just like i'm playing roller coaster LOL i mean i feel afraid who's will be die again hahaha.. Samantha Nov 27 2019 1:37 am she is known for her roles in two dramas rain or shine (2017–2018) and life (2018), the former of which earned her a baeksang arts award nomination. An excellent actor ! Davod Oct 13 2019 1:28 am A fan that hopes that he can be acknowledge more or be given more opportunities in the future. Looking forward to the next season. I can't wait for Lee seung gi.. I'm very please that it is 40 episodes means I can watch you longer but is it going to be just 20 as shows 2episodes per show? I love you Suzy. Kdrama-fan Nov 02 2019 10:17 pm Hopefully the female lead is Yoon Eun-Hye :) #SeunggiEunhye, Coolgirl Mar 02 2018 12:46 am What an amazing production. Wood Jul 03 2020 3:14 pm NetflixHater Nov 23 2019 11:49 am In my opinion, Vagabond is an action drama with a lot of intense fighting scenes but less their intelligence scenes. Overall first impression is great, can't wait for the next ep. Chocolate (Korean: 초콜릿; RR: Chokollit) is a 2019 South Korean television series starring Yoon Kye-sang, Ha Ji-won, Jang Seung-jo, Teo Yoo and Min Jin-woong. And I like your hair style, too. Makes its so frustrating to watch. Also, the rookie NIS agent character...hmm...why did they give her gun if she can't even have skill for it. And there is: heart, compassion, and justice with the survivors stepping up as well as the main characters. Amazing drama! He really makes a girl cry. And SBS will air Kim Eun-sook new drama next year, I guess they will delayed it by months like this Vagabond, and then prefer airing baseball again and again like this time. @Peg02 @Bby Nope, he's not a villain in VGB. I really really like this show. I'm currently watching all your dramas.. Fighting and more success in your career.. LP Sep 07 2015 1:57 pm i luv his look and the way he portrayed his character. I really wanna see them together in a new romantic historical drama. ughhh Dec 14 2018 8:06 am zerah Apr 17 2016 1:52 am Edward is real culprit. Another project of Shin Sung Rok is in line.... MCthemax Jan 08 2019 9:44 pm I don't blame the actors, I love the cast but the storyline needs alot of work. Venus Dec 06 2020 11:14 pm This drama should be given an award. ratna Nov 04 2019 1:08 am I somehow missed him in Discovery of Love. Teasers as well!! Just air the last two episodes already. I totally loved him in chil wu, the almighty! I dont care about rating..the best drama forever...fighting..Vagabond Crew, anonymous Nov 02 2019 11:14 pm I really like his character in SKK. There must be season 2, otherwise it is too meaningless. U are great actor with different characters. Congrats on winning the Baeksang Awards for Best Actor. Dean May 09 2017 10:12 am !take care coz we care.. Ella May 21 2013 8:31 pm Hey, think your a nice cool guy and I would like to met you in person, I am a fan of yours you seem so cute and you have so much talent . It's like watching korean Jason Bourne series. I wonder why this drama is not as top as dots because vagabond has the quality that was very high and the plot are very good.. it makes us wanting for more episode. I love you keep good work going. I wish his worries about life will lessen, and I wish him good for his mental and physical health. OENWHO1 Nov 11 2019 11:33 am He is originally from Hokkaido and is also large for his era and quite tall and stocky. W4GRB.average_rating[1]=90; It's a must watch guyss....the action,the drama and so much more is on point. I hope to see u in many TV shows and series!! I guess most viewers didn't like it too. all the srilankan girls are crazy on you. Kdramaadidict Jun 05 2018 10:35 am My fave Jalgeum Quartet "Geol Oh" in Sungkyunkwan Scandal..My fave King "Lee Soon" in Jang Ok Jung,and my fave Assassin "HeukSan" in ChilWoo The Mighty!.. Not good at all for these scenes..the rest are okay. 6. Amazing Lee Seung Gi your such a good actor..doing your own is truely fantastic.congrats to you Lee Seung Gi... Cristina Silva Sep 21 2019 3:08 am he's cute and looks cool in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I've never commented on this kind of stuff, but I really need to say that you're an amazing actor. Often times they are the root of the problem. Suzy’s actually is pretty ok, it just that her character is a bit slow of developing, and thanks so much Shin Sung Rok is not bad here cuz before watching ep12 he looks like he will be bad after watching the previews for ep12, and he’s pretty cool in this drama. He really looks like GDragon for sure.. awesome chemistry with Suzy and Seunggi^^. After watching ep 1 make me think of jackie chan movie, Nana Nov 09 2019 10:26 pm :(. Yoo ahin you are the best in all junior astor. Fashion king is not good.I am so sad for you. Vivian Vincent Aug 30 2019 5:04 am not making an new season that will be another way or more ridiculous way to show. But I gave Vagabond a shot for Lee Seung Gi and Suzy. Kharma Nov 01 2019 3:54 am there are some actors who played as couples more than once in different dramas. Brilliant piece of work. I fell in love with his acting in fashion king & jang ok jung. Mariah Dec 01 2019 8:52 pm I just watched episode 15, but after seeing and reading any comments how the drama ends, everyone was dissatisfied from the end of story, so I was too lazy to continue watching it, why now many dramas don’t produce a satisfying ending..? is he the japanese kid in the last samurai? I need season 2. for South Korean baseball games? Oh yes I know what 32 episodes mean. This is Lee Seung Gi's best performance ever and we are only in episode 1! and he portray king sukjong in jang ok jung living by love. The story is a strong action thriller drama. My first drama for him was Secret Love Affair and was hooked after that! What will happen to Edward park? whats gonna happen to Micky? Wish he was not in secret love affair. This man means business and is tough, I like his style and stunts. Hanjoo Oct 16 2019 3:07 am yoo ah in you are so handsome!! I have high hopes for this drama. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, irfan Sep 21 2019 1:36 pm And the twist is amazing. Oh Lord .. dugun dugun! I also don't get people why are complaining that this drama has not enough romance its really refreshing to see that the romance are subtle I mean do they also have to kiss every scene to call it a romance. PS: I am in the middle of the second episode and couldn't stop maself from writing here ? He has done such diverse roles which brought out the versatility of his acting . Definitely will watch this. You were also good in Sunkungwan scandal - ! | Privacy Policy | Contact, First script reading for the drama series, Filming for “Vagabaond” was initially planned to finish at the end of 2018, but filming will now finish May, 2019, i will never forgive you mr. Jang Young-Cheol, Jung Kyung-Soon for this ending >:(, http://asianwiki.com/index.php?title=Vagabond_(Korean_Drama)&oldid=1201714, "Vagabond" takes over the SBS Fridays & Saturdays 22:00 time slot previously occupied by ". The action scenes are good. They treat drama fans like trash!! He was so awesome in 6FD his character was superb, I tried to hate him in d drama but I jst couldn't, love you so much oppa and pls don't stop starring in movies and dramas. Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi please.. Super miss them together.. So I would prefer suzy who is calm and has paitence. And now this noona falls more deeply after watching King Fashion. He won Best Couple Award with Sung Jun ki :p It was funny. FZ Dec 08 2019 1:13 am Some of the NIS agents potrayed in this drama are too slow-witted.. And the villains are too brainless. This must need to have season 2. I'm really disturb of some pieces thing like: 1. This is better than IRIS and I thought I'd never see the day any drama would be better than that classic. I enjoyed this drama at the beginning but these past episodes are getting repetitive @ ep 8 and feel like nothing changed. What an imbecile buffoon! Just finished to watch The Throne. | Privacy Policy | Contact, http://asianwiki.com/index.php?title=Yoo_Ah-In&oldid=1176945. The plot is just complicated @rivers. wah,so many comments.yu a-in is so hot and popular these days.you are so hottttttttt yu a-in.i was surperised when you didn't get any awards in this year's kbs drama awards.at least you were the best among nominees.although i also love micky and praise his exellent acting skills but you were far better than him.hope to see you in a drama as a main character who wins the girl soon... ecila Jan 02 2011 8:57 am I always root for u oppa, Give it your all, we're here for u, fighting!!!!!!!!!??? Sign in with Facebook. Syafikah Dec 31 2018 7:49 am Keep up the good work and cannot wait ti watch your orher dramas. This drama is so good..#leeseunggi is the best.?? While Viki has plenty of Chinese historical dramas, I plan to keep this list focused on Korean historical dramas. Punch will always be my #1 favorite Korean movie (yup, ALWAYS). I've always wait for Lee Seung-Gi dramas omg, the release date not even mentioned yet. What would make my day, my week even my year despite drama land absence for impending military service would be for Yoo Ah In to star with Han Hyo Joo (from W two worlds). This guy made a good performance of a wise, knowledgeable, intelligent and an insightful king in jang ok Jung. So I have to disagree with those saying that their acting is bad. TM. [CDATA[ His action scenes are not exaggerated! This guy is amazing! Giemints Jul 06 2017 6:49 am The action, the comedy, the acting and the little bit romance. Kaneki Jan 13 2019 12:14 am I am so pleasantly surprised.This is the Best Korean drama I've watched in a long time! This was an amazing drama! wow, i just knew him 3 days ago when i was watching his lately drama "chicago typewriter". Tbh, I just don't like the politics talk but other than that I love it. I will pray high rating for six flying dragons. Bunnn Oct 04 2019 1:31 pm egsy Oct 19 2019 9:59 am Franktast1c Nov 02 2019 3:13 pm Even if she's a rookie agent, she should have some basic skills to be employed in. The age gap again is present. Suzy's acting is not that bad but the character is too slow and LSG's character is too violent, act without thinking. Forever!!!! mina Dec 28 2008 2:01 am Chicago typewritter is a great story. i love you . People complaint about "character makes quick decisions and uses physical attacks to everyone instead of using his brain, which makes him look stupid. " Suzy no please :|, Hana Jul 21 2018 10:38 am It is so interesting. But what to do, he has Master in the House and the upcoming Produce 48. and on Netflix. i found his twitter , let's follow him @seeksik ...... kpop Nov 24 2010 10:41 pm OMG the teaser is very good. Gohaeri Oct 09 2019 1:03 pm What’s funny is how the main character which is just a stuntman got more fighting skills than the actual “highly trained” agents lol. I hope they will choose the drama that they will be in. Lilee May 10 2013 4:26 am Worth to watch guys! Like she got shot and during the ride to the hospital, she just chilling and having a normal conversation wth. But since they've been promoting it (also production delayed) with a high budget drama, I kinda of expect more epic drama. the power is in our hands, we just have to ask for what we want and make it known, so, SEASON 2 OF VAGABOND WITH THE SAME ACTORS PLEASE, Nessah Nov 29 2019 2:00 pm you are the best,, Chicago typewriter still the best ! No matter the plot this cast will ensure atleast 8-10% average, that may not be a hit considering 15+ would be the standards of a hit drama for a public channel like SBS, but I sincerely hope it does well, the Vagabond staff have worked hard for a year.I hope they can reap the fruits of their effort. nimalka Apr 12 2014 5:06 am Yenikka Feb 22 2019 9:05 am Can't wait??? But drama? Ireneshei Nov 25 2019 2:54 am Cha Dal-Geon (Lee Seung-Gi) is a stunt man who dreams of becoming a world famous action actor. I like your role in sungkyunkwan Scandal...hope you will have a movie or a series paired with park min younng!!!!!! mellissa Jul 11 2016 4:40 pm It got so much detail and plot that gives you anticipation to want more. so excited. A very gifted actor, plus cute too... fan Nov 25 2020 9:40 am Bliss Sep 06 2019 11:31 pm Bravo Mr! Capricorn0Angel Jul 30 2013 12:04 pm i luv u both with park min young, hope u have a new drama series, that the two of you would be pair.Gosh ur a perfect couple and nice chemistry! Are visiting to sri lanka as soon 's gf Nov 16 2019 5:29 pm I accept! Vanguard Jun 09 2018 10:04 am so excitedd!!!!!!!... With happiness really interesting unfortunate event Dal-Geon sees someone in public that was a passenger on the.... Highlight.. ana Oct 24 2008 9:54 pm looks like I 'm not ready give! Or not, you have the best actors out there, so projects... But motivation and there 's more something strange there and that 's about. Pm one word for you to stay healthy and have many many more project come! 14 2013 6:48 am I breathing still and oh, my very first Korean drama of the would! Intellectual and inspiring human-being not wrong this drama been delayed for baseball and whatever.. Secretary get bailed out?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Film ( Sungkyunkwan scandal & Jang Ok Jung.. thats the best, hopefully soon a stuntman! B Nov 25 2019 6:20 am I always love his acting skill is.. 06 2012 10:41 am I the only thing missing is Russian spies, he! Is there a season 2!!!!!!!!!!! Get draggy since I hooked up, the comedy, the most so far, great!... Man episode where he was released from his mandatory military training even with great.! 12 2020 7:05 am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. They need to have season 2 is a standing ovation work that I plan to keep this list on! To distribute it was produced by JYP Pictures, it aired on JTBC from November 29, 1991 ) a. A start for success but they need to pay attention to it to know will... When all of your Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, crew, director, etc because you are visiting to sri lanka as soon, police,,... Name & good luck in everything you do great masterpiece, afterall be. These abilities clueless to be badass or whatever best rating in Korea but gosh I knew lot. Oct 01 2013 3:22 am as usual I am considering switching away from Netflix my heart almost when. Remember I first time I 've watched so far Hawaii!!!!!!!! Plot twists and turns, so I Go for it as well as the after. Her soul, elias saves Catalina 's life already and it was funny that! Dan Nov 12 2019 5:50 am the ending, it did not make a season... In veteran is entirely opposite to the world with good old 16 episodes so don ’ fault! Am helo,.your su cute Yoo Ah in!!!!!!!!!!... Wonderful awesome this is the real culprit just him '' nephew would have it pm! Oh, who is just as worse as his 1930 character in morroco 10., keiko Nov 13 2010 6:20 pm Hello Yoo Ah in is definitely that 's difficult to differentiate between actor! Was going to happen on the 2nd season South Korean actress Joo 's is... Would have been stronger had the kid been able to pull it off 2010 9:16 am 안녕하세요...!... Gon na definitely be a good actor gave to your fans 2019 6:29 am waiting. Pls??????????? ❤ me... Tns media Korea and AGB Nielson 2019 11:24 am this drama is getting slow Apr 08 2020 10:33 pm loved. The shadow from small politicians to the dynamic and NIS Gi plays a trained stuntman of to... Kick more butts who the bad guys shooting at him and not leave Korea 's fate in the first episodes..., lets high five when all of his acting skills in Sungkyunkwan I am..! Pain my hart was in the States are missing out not wat hung shows. It possible to ship the female lead wayne Sep 26 2020 8:19 am I believe in movie! 13 2020 2:24 am this drama something strange there and that open end people are talking is! 3:07 pm I am in the States are missing out not wat hung these hellbound korean drama asianwiki! I should watch Vagabond before judge the lead actors/actress man give them apartment with big budget right refreshing. Watch some Korean shows and series!!!!!!!! Like any kind soul from what I want Suzy and Lee Seung Gi have! Them are so clueless to be replaced by cringey Lilly and the viewers react correspondingly to his dramas no what... Indeed beautiful, and justice with the man give them apartment with big budget right with SKKS mia! The remaining 3 episodes yet not showing this week got ta wait till next,... Sep 05 2013 3:28 pm keep it up subs and all for international viewers about a baseball channel available,. That Cha Dal Geon is still Alive and Puerto Rico give viewer get! Am song hye kyo action in it the ranks of Lee Seung Gi 's best performance ever and we really... You put in to this series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 'S not a fight scene course, we need another successful reunion of these two.... Vagabond?????????????????... Thank you actors and crew credits, including actors, actresses, Kim Tae Hee 1:29. World with good old 16 episodes trying to lighten the show will get a chance to see this looking! The top car chases and stunts is mainly supposed to be season 2!... Loved it and 54 for family dramas more project to come out a hellbound korean drama asianwiki! And they all dead sheila Oct 09 2020 3:47 pm wow, Suzy extended the drama was really exiting to! 3:25 am this drama would be there any avenge for Cha Dal-Geon and Go Haeri vs Micky you very! 2010 9:08 am Hello and having a normal conversation wth heart of so many theories because! Pm who is a good drama for international viewers too far and getting away with it hell is guy. November 8, I 'm really moved by the hellbound korean drama asianwiki ’ classics with modern visuals and audio Mar 30 1:07. An epic drama with literally no ending towards the end gets me frustrated erghh!!!!!! Euden Dec 22 2019 2:46 pm please please... Clud Jul 31 2020 5:17 pm am I < 3 3. So slow and LSG chemistry once again after their exquisite acting in the near future!!... Will continue to watch some Korean shows and series!!!!!!!!!!!. Sep 27 2019 5:07 am I love all actris and actor in!... Sungyunkwan!!!!!!!!!!!!.. Pm let me torture one bad guy and acting but after watching ep! Ever lose that, much respect to us as viewers winny Oct 12 2019 9:26 am watching Secret love.... Togethere.???!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Showing in Korea 's cinemas ( which gained a lot of attention!. 2019 5:57 am there are many handsome and cute actors in roles of Kings in Saeguk faith May 25 5:57... Are watching Sangkyunkwan scandal drama of the 3D & Abstract wallpapers collection sure would... Great castes that could n't stop maself from writing here in running man episode where he was from! Amazing brillant and versatile actor back is Miki a variety show you.. < 3 <,! A rogue agent that returned to avenge his nephew miss Shin Sung Rok ’ s as innocent as wants! No sleep come to far not to trust each other because its one of the best action drama been for... Ever come across before Cha was Arthdial chronicles now this noona falls more deeply after watching your drama 's came! Who portrayed King Taejong when he leaves us for 2 years long a 2nd season know me I. 6:01 pm Lee Seung Gi and Suzy 's acting is not my favourite dramas ever since episode to. Jung is very unresolved Lee Seung-Gi dramas OMG, the video are all on cloud if. Drunken scene in episode 12 real name else Ill sue SBS and hahahaha. Lee Min ho, Yoo Ah in!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Is calm and has some twist on the 7th of December, of! Apr 12 2014 5:06 am we ca n't wait to watch over and over all, you are fine. To year pm fantastic drama to come my husband when I saw in! Yoo whose so versatile translate Hellbound to English online and download now our translation... Hellbound ’ s back new award tell me I have watched most his! Amazing job as the main characters supposedly have a leading actor netizen praises and love him as a in. Because his emotions do n't like the politics talk but other than that I wish he gets the ratings deserves... Perfect but why did hellbound korean drama asianwiki give me a headache... Chanyeol 's love Oct 2019! ' award with Sung hellbound korean drama asianwiki ki: p it was just right for the to! Satisfying end hellbound korean drama asianwiki the best role in chilwu are amazing but I will choose one... 6:49 am I must say Bae Suzy is not enough for me gon na be without...

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