Your Essential Relocation Checklist

Your Essential Relocation Checklist

Throughout any career, there are a number of moments and opportunities that can greatly shape the direction and progression of the career. Pursing an opportunity to relocate internationally can be one of these things. Whether you are relocating to new work in an emerging market in the Middle East, a growing technological industry of the Far East, or somewhere else entirely, relocating is an excited step forward in your career. These international opportunities, full of new challenges and new rewards, can play a major role in creating a successful and fulfilling career and life.

However, with this exciting step comes a set of challenges that must be navigated as your transition to a new location. As exciting as relocating your career, home and family can be, it can feel overwhelming as well. The stress involved with planning and implementing a move of this nature can be great. To minimize this stress, and simplify your relocation, use the list below as a guide for you throughout your preparation and planning to move.

Make sure you and your family have the needed documentation for living abroad.

This includes things like passports, visa and work permits. Make sure you have researched thoroughly the laws pertaining to residence in your destination to ensure you have made the proper preparations.

Gather important records from home.

In the world of the internet, many documents are available online, but some basic, essential records you will want to have hard copies of while living abroad. This should include things like birth certificates, diplomas, marriage licenses, medical records etc. It is a good idea to organize them into a folder for ease of transportation and safe keeping; this is especially true if you have multiple family members moving.

Plan accordingly for school for your children.

This means notifying your children’s current school, obtaining any transfer certificates needed, and getting them enrolled in a new school. Be sure to research proper placement and if your new location will have a different schedule.

Get proper travel and health insurance.

Often this will be provided by the company you are relocating to. However, if this is not the case, make sure you and your family are covered in your new location.

Plan for your medical needs.

Be sure to think through any prescription drugs that you or your family regularly use. It’s wise to get a script for a larger supply before moving, that way you don’t have to get to the doctor right away while settling in a new location.  Make sure you have documentation of your need of the medication with you for customs. You’ll also want to make sure you research how to transfer the prescription so you can continue to take the medication without an issue. It’s also a good idea to get a check-up at your doctor for you and your family members before going, just to make sure there are no medical issues you need to deal with. And make sure you have all medical records for you and your family.

Hire a respected moving company.

Start this process early, and take bids from various companies. This will allow you to save money and ensure your possessions are safely transported.

Talk to your financial institutions.

Depending on your bank and credit card companies and your new location, you may have to close your accounts and open new ones in your new location; or you may be able to continue with your existing accounts if they offer global banking. Regardless, make sure you have a plan to have secure and accessible banking.

Make sure you communicate your move to everyone who needs to know. 

This includes any friends and family you want to know, as well as any mailing subscriptions you may have, setting up to have your mail forwarded, canceling your utilities, to name a few.

If needed, get recommended vaccines.

Certain vaccinations will be recommended for certain countries. Research for your destination and get any vaccines that you need.

If bringing pets, make sure you go through proper channels.

Most countries have laws about vaccinations for pets, as well as a quarantine process. Additionally, be sure you have planned accommodations for your pet in your new location.

Finally, savour the moment and enjoy the accomplishment

A relocation represents a major accomplishment in your career. Take some time to celebrate what you’ve achieved and savor special moments as you make your move.

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