What You Can Expect From A Typical Job Offer In The Gulf

What You Can Expect From A Typical Job Offer In The Gulf

I came about this article the other day of a young American professional who studied Islamic studies at University that had acquired a $70k debt since graduating.

She was offered a job in the Gulf, relocated and was able to pay that debt off in just a few years.

Seems outrageous. But it’s true. 

It was not just the higher wage that enabled her to pay off this debt, rather the entire package that came with the job offer. 

This is a huge benefit of relocating to the Gulf. The entire compensation and remuneration package is hard to turn down. Lets take a look at what can usually be found in a typical job offer in the Middle East.

Higher Salary

Compared to your salary back home, salaries in the Gulf are either the same or even higher than what you may currently be on.

However, due to many of the Middle Eastern countries having no income tax, even if your salary is on par with your current pay, you will be walking home with more in your pocket regardless.



When relocating, companies understand it is a great commitment to move your entire life abroad. This is why they will at least pay part if not all of the initial flights and relocations costs.

In some cases, you can negotiate a return flight once a year to visit family in your home country. These perks are usually reserved for the more senior positions.


In the article where the young professional was offered a job, she was offered accommodation for free. Despite this not happening very often, it does happen from time to time.

If not offered housing, they will most likely offer some sort of subsidy for accommodation or pay for a hotel whilst looking for an apartment/house to live. 

Visa requirementsVisa

Sorting out your visa can be a painstaking activity, with papers to sign and send away, its nice to know the company will pickup the bill for this. This is one of the advantages of securing a job offer before you move over, otherwise you may end up having to pay for it yourself. 


Either they may offer you a car or public transport tickets/allowance to get to and from work. This will usually be tied into the housing arrangements as they can cut this cost by finding you an apartment near the offices so you just need to walk.

Regardless, gas is remarkably cheap, costing around $5-$10 to fill up your car. 

Medical Insurance

One of the most expensive add-ons for an expat, an employer willing to pay for your medical insurance is like gold dust. This is arguably the least likely of all the factors frequently offered (compared to the ones above) however it is offered frequently enough for us to include it in our list. 

As you can see, the ways in which you can not only earn more money, but save on expenses allows you more money to do what you want with. Either pay off a debt like the young professional did, use it to travel around the world or save up for your next trip, opportunities in the Gulf are endless.

As we mentioned earlier, having a job offer before you relocate will encourage them to offer you more, however, it is more difficult to secure a job that way. The best way to do it is have your CV sent to decision makers in the hiring process directly.

Have your CV sent to the regions leading headhunters and recruiters to maximise your chances of being shortlisted for jobs in your desired location.

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