UAE Salary Guide

UAE Salary Guide

Are you looking to garner a greater salary, while also achieving your dreams of living and working overseas? A move to the United Arab Emirates can achieve both of these aims!

The United Arab Emirates is the premier business gateway for the Middle East, as well as Africa.While the UAE’s economy was initially built on petrodollars, it has diversified into every conceivable business sector- meaning that there are professional opportunities for anyone’s skills and experience.

Not only are opportunities available, but salaries in the United Arab Emirates are generous, as well as being tax free. With advantages such as these, it is certainly a desirable location to move to for the ambitious expat.

How much could you get paid as an expat? Have a look at these sample positions within key business sectors and the corresponding monthly salary range (in US Dollars).


Chief Finance Officer 22,000-43,500
Financial Controller 9,600-15,800
Financial Analyst 4,100-6,600
Internal Auditor 3,300-6,300
Accountant/Senior Accountant 2,700-5,000


Architect 2,800-12,500
Principal Level 14,000-35,500
Commercial Manager 12,500-19,000
 Project Manager 5,500-12,600
Quantity Surveyor 4,100-9,600


Sr. Civil Engineer 5,500-14,000
Sr. Electrical Engineer 8,700-11,000
Project Engineer 4,100-7,000
 Quality Assurance Engineer 4,500-5,500


General Manager 9,700-16,500
Operations Manager 5,500-10,000
Logistics Specialist 2,800-5,000
 Supply Chain Manager 7,000-10,000


Chief Marketing Officer 15,000-28,000
Marketing Manager 5,800-11,000
Digital Marketing Manager 5,500-8,500
Social Media Manager 4,000-5,500
Account Manager 2,500-3,400

Source: The National 

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