Expat Insider: The World’s Trending Destinations

Expat Insider: The World’s Trending Destinations

Many of us fantasize about living abroad. However, many of us are often scared to make such a big lifestyle change and leave our home countries behind. Daunting as it may be, living abroad can be a rewarding and fulfilling endeavor and can provide the quality of life you have been desperately yearning for.

There are numerous destinations favored by expatriates who stay for a long time- and for some of them the rest of their lives. Taking into consideration livings standards, employment opportunities and social facets, here is a sampling of some of best places to live as an expatriate and why.

United Arab Emirates

Two of the main attractions of moving to the UAE are the tax-free salaries and the warm climate. Some of the most popular viable employment sectors for expats are in construction, finance, energy and hospitality/tourism.

You can also enjoy an impressive social life in the United Arab Emirates, as the expat communities in places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi are some of the most extensive in the world. While it can be a relatively expensive destination compared to some of the others on this list, the tax-free salary you can earn means you experience a higher quality of life than in many other places, including in Europe.


Hong Kong

This is one of the world’s great melting pots. This bustling island has a population of over seven million people, and is chock-full of a diverse assortment of entertainment and activities to reflect this diverse population. If you’re looking for a fast-paced environment and an active nightlife, Hong Kong is certainly a destination for you.

Benefits for expatriates who move to Hong Kong include its advanced healthcare system, high standards of education, as well as great employment opportunities. Hong Kong is an ideal place for those looking for substantial salaries and career advancement.


Qatar is increasingly become a go-to destination among expats. It is estimated that 500 new expats arrive daily! The salaries found here are generous, as well as tax-free, making disposable income very high. Further, car and housing allowances are commonly incorporated into many remuneration packages.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a highly desired expat location in part because it is constantly on the lookout for skilled workers, especially those who are under the age of 30. One of the incentives its government provides in this expat recruitment comes in the form of granting skilled migrants with a stay for up to five years.

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New Zealand also offers a fantastic climate which is envied by those looking for a laid back and active outdoor lifestyle. While salaries can be lower than in other expat hotspots, the quality of life, awe-inspiring natural beauty, and low crime rate more than make up for this.


Expats in Singapore benefit from generous financial packages, great professional opportunities and low tax rates. For those with children, Singapore is rated as one of the premier places for raising children abroad, due to the quality of the education system and the array of international school options.


Once one of the after-thoughts as an expat destination, Bahrain is certainly growing in stature in recent years. The nation has a growing job market, and is also significantly more afforbable than neighboring countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Bahrain is also one of the most liberal nations of the Gulf, making for a smoother transition and assimilation for expats accustomed to life in Europe or North America.



Similar to Bahrain, Oman is shooting up the rankings as one of the top destinations for expatriates. One of it’s best qualities is its affordability. For example, a 2-bed condominium runs at approximately US$625 per month, with cheaper accomodations certainly available. Furthermore, Oman has employment opportunities in almost every sector; this can be attributed to the fact that Oman has less oil reserves than its richer neighbors, Oman’s government has also made safety a pillar of its policies, making the nation on the safest in the region.

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