Top 8 Companies To Work For In The UAE In 2015

Top 8 Companies To Work For In The UAE In 2015

As you eye your move abroad, I’m sure you have a few companies you have your eye on.

Big name companies provide numerous benefits, but whether they are seen as one of the best companies to work for according to the Great Places To Work awards is a different story. 

Check out below the results to see which company came out on top in 2015s standings:


DHL’s supreme policies revolving around their staff is what distinguishes them from the rest of the crowd. Unique policies set to inspire staff, the entire recruitment to retirement process is very closely aligned with company values.

It’s fair to assume, that if you have a job interview there, best research on their company mission and values and try to exemplify how you possess such values.

2. Ericsson

Another company hiring people closely associated with its culture, they believe it is essential in order for candidates to succeed in their fast paced and challenging environment. If you know someone that works within there, it might be useful speaking to them as apparently they have developed competencies pertaining to each individual role. Find out what these competencies are and put them on your CV to give yourself the best possible chance for an interview.

3. Omnicom Media Group (OMG)

A great amount of transparency throughout the various levels of the organisation is the highlight of this great company. An emphasis on healthy work life balance makes it stand out as a leading example of how organisations should integrate health and wellness into company culture.

4. THE One

THE One’s primary strength as an employer is the visible commitment and engagement from the CEO, which improves its authentic and consistent support, and involvement from senior staff. Support of charitable organisations is a factor contributing to its standing in the best companies in the UAE also.

5. Marriott

A company with many expat professional jobs available, it’s great to see this recognized hotel brand features in the top 5. The synchronization of its HR policies worldwide mean that if you work in a Marriot in your home country, they facilitate the move to work for any other Marriot around the world, including the UAE.

6. Estee Lauder

In a competitive market, it’s the little things that count and Estee Lauder epitomises this. As opposed to an email, new employees receive a welcome card before they begin. Expatriates, in particular, are provided with a book called “Don’t they know it’s Friday,” which is a resident’s guide that includes a map of Dubai, explaining some of the differences in living in the Middle East.

7. Weber Shandwick

The company, which has recently moved offices, ensures that its staff feel they’re part of the team and that the management values how they feel. One of the many things it’s done for its staff, the company has custom-built its reception desk to suit the height of its receptionist. Employees are given a voice, with all of them having unique input to the plants, painting and decor of the entire office space. It’s something that reflects the companies culture of engaging them in every aspect of life.

8. Hyatt

As an expat moving to the UAE working for Hyatt, you can expect a personal greeting at the airport from your assigned “buddy.” Joining gifts are included and even the celebrations of birthdays are all aspects that helps establish Hyatt in the UAEs top 10 companies.

With many expat jobs available within these companies, take advantage of their supreme employee relations and have your CV sent to recruiters responsible for hiring of such positions. 

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