The Most Effective Way to Gain Greater Response to your LinkedIn Application

The Most Effective Way to Gain Greater Response to your LinkedIn Application

The LinkedIn job application has seen great progress over the past year. The ability to apply through LinkedIn and increased usage from companies has meant this is one of the first sites to see jobs being posted – whereas previously, it used to be one of the last. 

The heightened attention has created a huge influx of applications through the website. More people are applying for jobs (look at the job posting below, over 1,000 applicants in less than 2 weeks) than ever, so a greater caution to detail is required to obtain further feedback.

Job Applications on LinkedIn

Here are the top tips when applying for a job via LinkedIn that can give you a greater response per application:

Follow the Company

This will not be the determining factor to help swing the decision in your favour, but not doing it can remove you from the shortlist instantly. 

You wouldn’t go to an interview without researching the company. So don’t apply for a job on LinkedIn without following them first.

Doing this will mean you get updated on all future job vacancies as well.

Check the “People You May Know” Section

Are you connected to anyone that works at the company advertising the vacancy? If so, there will be a section along the right hand side of the application telling you this.

Reach out to them and ask either for a referral or get them to speak to someone at the company for you.

Any way you can avoid being lost in the pile of CV applications the better.

index3View “Who is Posting” the Job

On some vacancy listings, you can check the person who posted the job by looking in the top right hand corner.

First, look at their profile and find out more about them. This will be beneficial come interview time – if you get the opportunity – as it will show you have done your research. It is a great way to research some conversation points as well, by checking their work history and interests.

Why not connect with them as well? As a recruiting or hiring manager they are most likely to accept you as a connection so send them a connection request to be updated on any future job postings they share.

This will help position you higher in the search results of any keyword searches they do.

Lastly, if none of the above work, send them an InMail expressing your interest in the position. The InMail should incorporate what would essentially be your cover letter with your CV attached.

Need help with how to format your Cover letter? 

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If all else fails, then upgrading can be a good option. With the amount of applications jobs are seeing now, any way in which you can stand out from the crowd is advantageous.

The Job Seeker Premium is useful if you are applying for many jobs online. Some of the benefits include:

  • Showing how you compare with other applicants
  • Gives you a salary range for the job posting
  • Positions you higher in the list of applicants
  • More InMail’s to send to Job Poster’s
  • Greater visibility within the keyword searches
  • Greater access to “who has viewed your profile” 

In past years, the job seeker premium account was not worth the price you had to pay. However, if you are applying for 10+ jobs on this networking site then I would definitely recommend upgrading.

Save the job

If you do not wish to apply just yet, you also have the option to save the job for when you are ready to apply.

Don’t let positions pass you by. LinkedIn is now an effective job application website more companies are prioritising.

If you would like help optimising your profile then speak with one of our relationship managers today to see what is the right option for you.

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