The Top Locations In The Gulf Pt.1 – Career & Lifestyle Considerations

The Top Locations In The Gulf Pt.1 – Career & Lifestyle Considerations

The Gulf contains a number of top locations that professionals from the world over flock to for a new career and a better way of life. With such a diverse range of countries the Gulf as a whole is an expat focal point.

Whether you’re looking to forward your career, gain international experiences or take advantage of the numerous lifestyle benefits such as great weather, lower cost of living and a more relaxed way of life, there’s a place to suit everyone within the Gulf.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The UAE is without doubt one of the most popular relocation choices and contains Emirates such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai.



There is plenty to take advantage of in the UAE. With stunning beaches, great all-year-round weather and a plethora of non-work based activities including skiing (yes, you read correctly), desert safaris and some of the tallest buildings and largest shopping malls in the world to explore.

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Career Considerations

There are many great career opportunities available in the UAE from middle management all the way up to more senior positions.

One of the great news stories of 2013/2014 was the Dubai Expo in 2020. With this brings an incredible amount of development in the region, both during the build-up and after. It is estimated that over 1million jobs will be created too, both direct and indirect as a result of the Expo.

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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a relatively sparsely populated Kingdom with 80% of the 27 million residents living in towns and cities. It is also one of the most traditional societies in the world with firm religious beliefs, rules and traditions.

Saudi Arabia


Whilst Saudi Arabia is not seen as exciting a place to live as the UAE it has in recent years seen the creation of many more non-work related activities and entertainments, and the majority of expatriates living in the area say it is a great place to be. Read this insightful article on life in Saudi Arabia by Mandi Lynn.

Housing is generally very good and affordable with a good quality of healthcare and education on offer.

Career Considerations

Saudi Arabia has many career opportunities for people looking to relocate to the Middle East, especially within industries such as Oil & Gas, Energy & Power and Manufacturing.

Holding 20% of the world petroleum reserves, Saudi Arabia is an obvious choice for anyone looking for a career within Oil & Gas.

Employment and relocation packages tend to be good, with high wages, tax-free income, and subsided healthcare and education.

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Qatar is a location that deserves high praise amongst the global expat community. With a great climate, low cost of living, lucrative employment packages, good healthcare and education, amongst other benefits, it’s a popular relocation destination for many professionals seeking a new career and way of life.



For many Qatar offers a luxurious lifestyle, as many things are very cheap, such as fuel (petrol is cheaper than bottled water!) and salaries are usually fairly high compared to other locations around the world.

Good quality and sizeable housing is also relatively low cost and the state-run healthcare system offers all a high quality of service. The education system is good, however spaces can be limited, so applying for enter for your children ahead of time is recommended.

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Career Considerations

Qatar, like many of the other Middle Eastern countries has a wide variety of career opportunities on offer, including many jobs in engineering, oil & gas and power & energy, to name but a few.

With the Fifa World Cup 2022 in the pipeline, sectors such as construction and engineering require many positions to be filled, not to mention the increase in hotels, restaurants and other tourist attractions before, during and after the football event, resulting in the creation of many more positions.

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