Bahrain, Oman & Kuwait: Career and Lifestyle Considerations

Bahrain, Oman & Kuwait: Career and Lifestyle Considerations

The Gulf contains a number of top locations that professionals from the world over flock to for a new career and a better way of life. With such a diverse range of countries the Gulf as a whole is an expat focal point.

Whether you’re looking to forward your career, gain international experiences or take advantage of the numerous lifestyle benefits such as great weather, lower cost of living and a more relaxed way of life, there’s a place to suit everyone within the Gulf.

With events such as Dubai 2020 ad FIFA World Cup 2022, it’s understandable the likes of the UAE and Qatar have received a lot of publicity lately, however, don’t count out some of the less spoken about destinations such as Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman.


A small island country located near the shores of the Persian Gulf, Bahrain is somewhat defined by its relationship with water – ‘Two Seas’ in Arabic, Bahrain is surrounded by water, much of which is shallow and being constantly reclaimed by the inhabitants.

Bahrain was the first country in the Gulf to discover oil, however it does not solely rely on its oil and has shifted its focus to finance, becoming one of the financial centres of the Middle East.

Construction in this country has been on the rise in recent years with some of the world’s most beautiful buildings being built here, namely the Bahrain World Trade Center.


The majority of international workers of an executive or senior level are given a call, housing and oftentimes education allowance for them and their families.

There are a number of housing options available including apartments and villas, eithBahrainer on their own or within a compound, however, most places have some form of security.

Rent on accommodation has gone up in recent years do to many people working in Saudi Arabia now base their families in Bahrain.

Healthcare services in Bahrain are of a good quality with both state run and private healthcare facilities.

Education is also very good, however private education is a necessity, so when seeking employment opportunities see if an education allowance can be agreed.

Career Considerations

To live and work in Bahrain you must have a sponsor, like many Middle Eastern countries. Typically a sponsor is the employer who will arrange for all visas and working permits to be applied for and granted before the relocation of the individual(s).

The expatriate community makes up for around 40% of the workforce in Bahrain and whilst the government is working hard to increase the numbers of local residents being hired there is still, and likely always will be a high demand for international professionals.

As mentioned above, construction is a large sector in Bahrain and requires many international workers. The same is true for specialist roles in large industrial companies.

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KuwaitKuwait is one of the smallest countries in the world however don’t let this put you off this Middle Eastern gem. With some of the best career opportunities for international professionals Kuwait is a popular (and growing in popularity) destination choice for many seeing a new career and a better quality of life.

Kuwait borders Iraq and Saudi Arabia and has a population of around 4 million people, almost 60% of who are expatriates.


Due to the construction boom in Kuwait over recent years there are a number of options for people looking for a place to call ‘home’.  With luxury apartments and villas, most of which are fully serviced, the quality of accommodation available is very high.

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Career Considerations

Due to the small population Kuwait relies on a steady stream of experienced international workers, especially of an executive or senior level.

The most popular sectors are of course oil & gas and energy as a whole, but other sectors including construction, healthcare, retail and business services, to name but a few, require skilled expatriates.

Salaries across the board tend to be fairly high with employment benefits and relocation packages available to many.

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OmanOfficially the Sultanate of Oman, this Arab state holds a strategically important position at the mouth of the Persian Gulf. There are 12 different languages that are native to Omani citizens and it is an absolute monarchy, run by the Sultan of Oman.

Whilst Oman does not have as many oil reserves as its rich neighbours it is categorised as a high-income economy and ranks at the 59th most peaceful country in the world.

Many expatriates say that Oman is a culturally and financially rewarding country and much of the countries wealth is reinvested in infrastructure and very well managed.

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A large number of expats live in Oman, creating a perfect ‘community away from home’ for anyone who is a little unsure about relocating to this Gulf location.

Many expat relocation packages include relocation costs and accommodation allowances, giving you the freedom to create a new home and settle in as quickly as possible.

There are many shopping and entertainment facilities for people, including large shopping malls, restaurants, bars and clubs, not to mention the beautiful beaches, mountain hiking and swimming in the unspoilt wadis.

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Career Considerations

There are many career opportunities for professionals seeking a new career and way of life in Oman. Salaries are generally seen as being very good compared to other Gulf locations, and with low tax your money will definitely go a lot further.

As mentioned above, relocation packages are fairly common ground, offering expatriates with housing allowances and their relocation expenses covered.

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