The Inefficiencies of the Advertised Jobs Market – Why You Need to be Networking

The Inefficiencies of the Advertised Jobs Market – Why You Need to be Networking

Any international job search is a stressful and challenging process. To ease some the burden, the natural inclination for many job seekers is to search advertised jobs on the plethora of job boards available online. There is logic to this decision; there will likely be multiple positions to consider within a search, which can be considered in one sitting. While tools such as the online and print advertisements should not be ignored completely, these should not be the focal points of any effective job hunting method. There is too little efficiency in solely using these advertised searches. Instead, networking needs to be given greater emphasis in any serious job hunting endeavor, with advertised positions used as a secondary search platform.

Don’t make the mistake of relying on job boards

Advertised job boards appear to be a fantastic search tool at first glance. There are typically dozens, if not hundreds, of positions related to each and every industry and multiple international locations. This being the case, you would assume you’re accessing the very latest vacancies and using the most successful means to land your next role. This, however, is where most jobseekers are going worng. Alan Carniol, founder of, refutes this logic too. According to Carniol, there were over three point six million job openings at the end of 2012; within these millions of openings, nearly eighty percent of the available jobs are never advertised.

Candidate Competition is on the rise

It only gets worse for job seekers. Within this twenty percent of openings found through advertised platforms, there is incredible competition amongst applicants. Ashley Stirrup, the vice president of product marketing at Taleo, remarks that major businesses  will typically take in about six times as many applications as there are employees in the company. To put that into numbers, a corporation with one thousand employees will receive six thousand applications to fill just a handful of positions. Because of the outstanding number of resumes and material sent into these corporations, human resources personnel frequently use software programs to scan the applicants and narrow the search to certain search parameters. This means that your CV may not even be seen by a human being. And even if it is seen by HR personnel, the likelihood that an individual with more experience or a more polished CV will be up against you, is still considerable.

Considering the details above, the advertised job market is a gamble. It can be viewed in many ways like playing the slot machines in a casino; it is an impersonal exercise that will likely end in defeat. However, there are ways to increase your odds at success, by utilising your personality and online professional profile to really showcase your skills and attract the attention of recruiter and HR managers. This can be accomplished through networking. Job seekers can use friends, family, and colleagues who already recognise your skills and abilities to aid in uncovering the other eighty percent of job openings, or even a few of those found in advertisements, out there.

Network your way to a new job

Networking in many ways is the opposite of advertising job markets. Networking appears more difficult or unappealing at first glance, but it is far more productive and effective in the long term. Don’t be daunted by the prospect either – networking merely involves reaching out to like-minded individuals, fellow professionals or contacts to get on their radar and ultimately leverage any potential employment or career opportunities that may arise. This list can include former co-workers, members of any clubs or associations you might be involved with, and fellow industry professionals and specialist recruiters in your field.  These network connections can be reinforced by reaching out to them on LinkedIn or other appropriate social networking platforms. These connections will likely be far more extensive than one might initially think, and a number of promising opportunities may come one’s way. Not only that, but it will be that much easier to find individuals to vouch for you or provide suitable references.

Is your LinkedIn is up to Scratch?

As LinkedIn is fast becoming the most popular tool to reach out to individuals online, make sure you’re not wasting any potential opportunities and ensure your profile is representing you in the best possible light. When connections view your profile, you only have a few seconds to get their attention and get your skills and expertise noticed. This being the case, you need to ensure your personal summary is up to date and succinctly describes you as an individual and where you are in your career path. Recruiters are typically skim-reading profiles and need to gain an impression of you very speedily indeed! At TeleportMyJob we provide a free LinkedIn appraisal for you to understand how your are being viewed by employers. Our experts will review your profile and will provide constructive and actionable feedback so you can make sure your networking endeavours are reaching their full potential. Login to the site and upload your CV now.

Realise the inefficiencies that the advertised job market now presents and get up to date by introducing networking techniques into your job search strategy. You will really reap the rewards in your international job hunt and your interview success rate will soar.





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