Technology Industry Updates Q3 2015

Technology Industry Updates Q3 2015


In the global IT report, it was found that the GCC is doing well in terms of Information Technology readiness. The United Arab Emirates (23rd, up one) and Qatar (27th, down four) continue to lead, ahead of Bahrain (30th), Saudi Arabia (35th), and Oman (42nd). 

This provides a platform from which they can leverage build upon. An increased awareness and buy in from companies has ensured the technology sector has remained stable during the downturn of the economy.

With the online market providing a considerable amount of turnover and marketing share, companies are investing more money into the IT departments of the companies for marketing and SEO purposes. The recent update of Google now indexing those websites that are mobile friendly higher in the search rankings is just one example of an update fundamental to a companies standing in the online market.

Due to this, companies are building their IT workforce, increasing spending and boosting salaries. Web developers are in high demand, so too are cyber professionals as a continued apprehension around could computing’s maturation into the market and within organisations.

Job Updates 

There were 305 job vacancies found in the Middle East in the Technology sector, with the majority coming in the Information Technology branch within companies. Most noticeably were the Telecom, Banking and Aviation industries on the hunt for IT professionals.

The UAE was the most popular location with 96 advertised vacancies, 56 of them found in Dubai. Web Developers, Security Consultants, Technicians, Project Managers, and IT Support Engineers were the positions in most demand in this country.

Saudi Arabia was closely behind, with 83 advertised vacancies with the majority of the positions available in Riyadh. There were 7 positions in banking, 5 in retail, 10 in Telco and 22 in general Information Technology.

Overall, once again the main career level of the advertised vacancies were mid-career, however, an overwhelming number of entry level positions were advertised.

More than any other sector Teleport My Job studied, this is providing opportunities for those looking to change career directions with a viable option. Such positions included, web developers, app developers, software developers, VOIP engineers, Designers and technicians.


The c-suite positions are likely to see a marginal increase this year with an average Chief information Officer’s salary to increase by 1.8%, Chief Technology Officer’s by 1.4% and Chief Security Officer by 1.3%.

The largest projected salary increases come from the Senior Project Manager and Business Systems Manager positions, expected to see an average 4.7% and 4.3% salary increase respectively in 2015. This represents not only the largest increase within the technology sector but across many of the industries as a whole.

A Chief Technology Officer is likely to see a salary between $284,00-$375,000 USD in 2015 with project managers likely to receive a salary in the range of $130,000-$195,000 USD. (All figures from the Robert Half ME Survey 2015). 

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