Salary Estimations for an Expat in Australia

Salary Estimations for an Expat in Australia

Australia is a lucrative location for many expats to relocate. The diverse range of multicultural cities, various landscapes both on land and at sea as well as the high standard of living offers a lifestyle unique not only to the south pacific region but anywhere in the world.

High Expat Salary

Australia is Asia and Oceania’s second most expensive location for expatriate packages according to ECA International. Latest results (May 2014) reveal that an overall package for an expatriate middle manager in Sydney is approximately $300,000 AUD per annum ($256,000USD). This is second to only Japan, whose average rises to around $370,000 AUD for a similar position.


One of the main advantages of being an expatriate in Australia is the benefits in which comes as part of the package with an expatriate package usually consists of a cash salary, benefits – such as accommodation, private school fees, utilities or cars – and tax, which makes a huge difference when relocating, particularly with family members.

Maybe you are not yet at middle manager level? Not to worry, salaries are still very competitive compared to other countries in the region.

MiningMinimum Salary for an Expat

An advantageous feature about Australia is that the 457 Temporary Residence Visa – the visa you will most likely be on – actually has a minimum salary attached to it of around $47,500 AUD per annum. Despite this being the minimum salary for an expat, the average salary in Australia for the year ending June 2014 was  $79,767 AUD, a considerable jump from the 457 Visas minimum salary.

Highest Average Salaries in Australia

The industry with the highest average salary is still mining due to the large investment continuing from Chinese investors. Its average income is around $120,793 AUD per annum. The remaining top 5 highest average earning industries were Consulting and strategy $108,225, Engineering: $105,608, Construction: $104,754, Information and communication technology: $99,065.

More specifically, if we highlight a couple of key positions such as salaries in oil and gas drilling roles, they see an average $136,640 AUD per year and construction law roles command average salaries of $127,558. However, many of these industries actually saw a decrease in average salaries since last year.

Up-and-Coming High Salary Industries

Nonetheless there have been many up-and-coming industries seeing large rises in average yearly income. Industries such as Insurance and superannuation saw an average salary rise to $81,049 which was up 6 per cent from last year,  Farming, animals and conservation: $70,992, was up 5 per cent, Retail and consumer products: $58,397, was up 5 per cent, Call centre and customer service: $55,145, was up 4 per and Education and training: $71,848, was up 4 per cent from last year as well.

BeachesSome additional average salaries of note include: Government and defence: $86,334, Healthcare and medical in QLD: $86,271, Marketing and communications in QLD: $76,593, Banking and financial services in WA: $84,475, Manufacturing, transport and logistics in SA: $75,219, Advertising, arts and media in SA: $65,212.

Salary is simply one of the many attractions Australia has for an expat. Aside from the competitive salaried, the cultural heritage of the aboriginal people, golden sand beaches along the coast, and stable economy, Australia truly offers the full package for anyone looking to relocate to pastures new.

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