Remind Recruiters You’re Available With These 3 LinkedIn Adjustments

Remind Recruiters You’re Available With These 3 LinkedIn Adjustments

According to a survey conducted by Blue Steps, over 74% of recruiters in the Gulf specifically used LinkedIn in the hiring process of candidates in 2015.

This is an overwhelming number of recruiters and we have said it before, but if you’re not on it, you’re losing out on a huge potential market.

However, there are times where it feels like there are a lot less recruiters out there than the 75% that were stated. With no one looking at your profile, you may begin to doubt this professional platforms effectiveness.

However, most likely what has happened is you have become silent, making your profile near-on invisible.

The good news is there are ways you can reengage recruiters to become more interested in your profile. Act upon them now and discover how beneficial this platform really can be.


Change Your Profile Picture

You’ve heard the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” right? Well its is a saying because many people do… and profile pictures are exactly the same. If you have a good-looking profile picture, it tends to boost your credibility and a potential candidate.

A great way to make you look more attractive as a candidate and also getting yourself underneath the noses of desired recruiters is by changing your profile picture.

Change it to a professional head and shoulders shot, taken with a good camera and appropriate lighting. Ideally you want to have a small smile. A massive smile can present that you are too much of a character, whereas no smile is too serious.

Why this can help get you underneath the nose of recruiters is the fact that all of your connections are notified every time you make a change to your profile. What I have found is with profile picture changes they get a high level of interactions with Likes and Comments. This increases your profile image change’s visibility, helping it be seen more.

Because of this, it increases the likelihood of it being seen by recruiters and if professional looking enough, can increase the likelihood of viewing our profile. 

Blog Post

Although the profile picture is an indication of what you may be capable, a blog post gives you a direct representation of your skills and expertise that can impress a recruiter.

Another additional benefit is that with every blog posy you publish, providing you are connected with a recruiter, they will be notified that you have published the post.

If it is an interesting topic, they will click on it and view your article. It really is a great opportunity to showcase your knowledge of the industry.

LinkedIn-EndorsementsEndorse Recruiters

Another excellent way to remind recruiters you are available is by endorsing them. With every endorsement you receive LinkedIn notifies you.

It could be enough for them to want to check your profile out and as long as it is optimised, then that is your opportunity for them to speak to you.

Essentially these attempts are just ways to get them to be interested in your profile. Once they are looking at your profile and you are not receiving any phone calls or messages, then the problem sounds like it is with how well optimised your profile is.

If you need help optimising your LinkedIn profile to help it stand out when being viewed and also improve its ability to be found within the search rankings, then upload your CV and we will give you a free LinkedIn appraisal and tell you what you need to work on.

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