Qatar: A Middle East Oasis

Qatar: A Middle East Oasis

Dubai may get all the press, but there is another location on the Arabian Peninsula that deserves high praise amongst the global expat community. This is the State of Qatar. Qatar is following hot on Dubai’s heels in many regards. Check out all that this gem of a country has to offer.


Tired of the frigid cold? For those of us who are, Qatar offers an attractive remedy. Qatar is a very hot country, where the summers can be brutal. However, for the rest of the year weather conditions are relatively comfortable.  You will be able to enjoy outdoor activities from November until April, a fact that almost makes you forget about the scorching summer temperatures.


Favourable salaries and cost of living

Employment packages for expatriates in Qatar are known for being very lucrative. Salaries are tax free, which many expatriates see as an enticing draw. Another perk that draws in expats is the bang for your buck due to the cost of living.  Qatar’s cost of living ranks among the best in the Middle East. Costs in the capital of Doha are naturally grossly higher than in the rest of the country. For the cost-conscious, however, it is very affordable to commute into Doha and the other large cities. Given the nation’s wealth of oil, petrol and automobiles are very affordable.


Friendly and accessible communities 

The expat community in Qatar is small and friendly, and very welcoming to newcomers. You do not have to do a ton of searching to find them either. There are plenty of expatriate clubs and events in Doha. Even if you don’t prefer to engage in this manner, it’s likely you will bump into someone you know while at the market, walking along the Corniche or shopping at the mall. Once you get going, it is easy to make friends within the expat community.


Family-friendly attractions

Whereas Dubai holds a Las Vegas-esque aura to many, Qatar offers many of the same benefits but in a more family-oriented environment. There is no shortage of mums’ groups and activities for kids in Doha. Qatar also boasts first rate museums, a beautiful coast line, a stunning desert, and many seasonal events such as film festivals, art exhibitions, conferences and sport matches. There are plenty of things to-do and places-to-see when you are enjoying your time out of the office.


Another outlet in which Qatar appeals to families is in the raising educational standards the state is providing. The government is pouring an exceptional amount of money into scholarship, science and technology. As a result, many world-class institutions have set up branches in Doha, including Carnegie Mellon, Northwestern, and Georgetown.

The country is also recruiting teachers from overseas. Therefore, the quality of primary and secondary education on offer in international schools is not lacking either.



Healthcare is regularly seen as one of the greatest concerns for Americans and Europeans looking to move abroad. There is a mistrust in the competence and technology available in these developing nations. Luckily for expats, such concerns are unwarranted in Qatar. Its healthcare is generally perceived the best available in the region. It is a prioritized institution which receives significant funding and assistance from the local government. The state offers expatriates both private and public options, as well as boasting the latest medical equipment, up-to-date facilities, and highly trained specialists.

Are you looking for a uniquely Middle Eastern experience without sacrificing many of the comforts found in your homeland? If your answer is yes, Qatar may be the location for you!

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