Networking in 2014 – The Shift in Recruitment Techniques

Job seekers are still in for a fight to secure new employment. The year 2014 will continue the competitive job market trends seen in 2013. Employers are not simply looking to fill open positions; employers want to hire the most highly skilled and talented candidates who are the best fit for their organization. Now more than ever it is critical to maximize the size and effectiveness of one’s networking circles, to gain any advantage possible over the stiff competition. Networking will be much the same as in years past. However, there will be minute shifts in how to best approach the subjects, as well as where to gain visibility online. If you are aiming to increase your net worth as a job seeker, check out these different aspects of networking and incorporate new methods into your 2014 job search.

Know your personal brand

Before you can even begin to enhance your worth as a job candidate, you must understand your current status. Engage in a critical self-evaluation of your personal brand’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the connections you already have. You should also be prepared to answer any question a recruiter or employer could have about your experience and skills. By knowing your personal brand inside and out, you will feel more confident when networking with colleagues, experts, and employers. You will discover more connections that will bring you closer to landing a job.

Network with your peers

Before you worry about the connections you do not have, focus on the people you already know. Your family peers, and past business associates are a great way to help you create new connections without feeling the pressure of having to meet new people and impress immediately. Reach out to your friends, co-workers, alumni, previous bosses, friends and family. While this is nothing new, how you can contact them more effectively is. While Facebook and Twitter still reign supreme as the elite social media platforms, in terms of users, the less established outlets may provide better access for peer purposes. LinkedIn provides the perfect platform to get back in touch with people on a professional way, whilst providing job search opportunities too.

Forge relationships with career experts

The more experts you connect with, the more value your network will have during your job hunt. These professionals can be experts in your career discipline. They can also be individuals who are knowledgeable in career advice and human resources. Ideally, you should build relationships with professionals in both areas to ensure you receive the advice you need. The connections you build in your chosen field will assist you in finding career mentors as well as uncover what it takes to succeed in landing a job in your industry. These connections can also provide you with the secrets of how they’ve created a successful career and what it takes to impress employers and hiring managers. In addition to having industry connections, your relationships with career experts will provide you with advice on how to improve your networking skills, promote yourself as a professional online, as well as guide you through the job search process. Further, when you have a connection with a career expert, he or she can provide advice on how to stand out as a candidate and help you avoid common job hunter mistakes. LinkedIn remains the best global social media outlet for building this particular assortment of professional connections. However, XING and Viadeo should be considered strong alternatives, particularly for job seekers within the European market.


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