Mining Industry Updates Q4, 2014

Mining Industry Updates Q4, 2014

The global mining industry remains positive for growth and the industry’s demand for skilled people remains on an upward trend. Over the past 200 years bigger plants, bigger trucks, and even bigger blasts have taken over. This means tremendous career opportunities.

The mining industry outlook for Q4 continues to be positive, despite a recent slowdown in investments in a couple of key mining hubs.

The US mining industry is expected to see a steady, yet modest expansion which is expected to continue to about 2018 due to their stable economic and political environment. A point of interest is their interactions with the developing markets within latin America such as Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico in the upcoming months and years. The recent boom in such markets means they are seeking to invest in mineral output and mining within these countries; good news for the developing markets within these industries.Minding in Australia

There is expected to be a similarly strong growth in the MENA region over the upcoming years and into Q4, namely Turkey and Northern Iraq looking to be big movers in the industry. However, due to the instability of such areas, their growth will likely under perform in compared to more stable economies within the Middle East and Americas.

They key issue to look at is Iran’s ongoing negotiations with the Western Powers, something, that if successful could turn Iran’s beleaguering mining industry around and make it a key centre of global mining investment in the coming years.

Australia’s mining industry continues to be strong however have seen a progressive lack of investment from Chinese investors, their biggest beneficiary to date. It seems they are and is likely to suffer a painful spillover effects of sharp investment slowdown despite figures still remaining positive for mining as a whole.

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