Mining Industry Updates Q3 2015

Mining Industry Updates Q3 2015



The mining industry in the MENA has not changed dramatically over the past quarter, with large growths predicted in areas that are politically unstable, like Northern Iraq and Turkey.

However, globally, the mining sector has been faced with a number of challenging yet positive news.

Lower crude oil prices and a stronger US dollar have been an unpredicted strength for global mining companies helping to lower operating costs. This is great news for many large companies who have been reducing spending since the slowdown of investment and economic downturn. 

An over supply of iron ore and coal culminated with the uncertainty of the current economic stability have created apprehension about the current supply and demand of the mining industry across the world.

The low prices of the minerals will largely dictate the confidence in companies willingness to invest again; and waiting for a market upswing is more or less the main factor likely to turn the sector around.

In saying that, the mining industry continues to provide jobs for many workers, with some of the most competitive salaries out of any industry.


A key mining industry, Australia’s mining boom was a key contributor the countries economic growth. Like the rest of the globe, they too have struggled with declining prices and lack of investment.

With a decline in investment from foreign investors, the Australian mining industry has felt a significant impact to its profits, resulting in staff layoffs and a declining staff hiring outlook during the past year.

The main mining hub remains to be the western coast of Australia. A total of 221 mining jobs advertised at the time of publication in Perth, WA, with the most popular positions being engineers, operations, drilling and exploration professionals. There were also 13 foreman jobs advertised in Australia.

If you have the required skills, mining can be a lucrative choice for your next career option.

Job Updates

There were 51 total mining positions advertised at the time of publication in the Middle East, 18 of them in the UAE, 14 in Saudi Arabia, 6 in Qatar and 2 in Oman.

Foreman’s, operators, engineers and business development professionals were the most popular positions advertised with those results categorised as mid-career to management level jobs.

In Australia average salaries in the mining industry for 2015 begin at a very attractive initial base salary. Introductory underground mining jobs begin at $80,000 AUD and can fetch up to $200,000 while above ground mining starts at around $100,000 AUD.

Drilling jobs, responsible for the operations of drilling rigs and other equipment begin at $80,000 AUD and mine machine operators start on a base salary of $85,000.

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