Logistics and Shipping Industry Update Q3 2015

Logistics and Shipping Industry Update Q3 2015


Interesting progress is predicted in the global logistics industry over the coming years, with low logistics costs coming to an end.

Logistics salaries are increasing and so too are general costs around the entire logistics process.

A previous lack of investment is to blame for this and something the industry may struggle to keep up with, particularly due to the talent shortages the industry is currently facing. 

Global shipping volumes is expected to soar and capacity is expected to struggle to keep up, particularly on the roads.

This is one of the large reasons why there is such a heavy infrastructure investment currently in both the rail and road sectors of the GCC economies.

It has had a positive influence on many of the GCC nations, with Saudi Arabia climbing to number two in this years Agility Logistics Index, while the UAE led the connectivity aspect of the index.

Such positive signs across many of the GCC nations have provided an opportunity for them to weather the downturn in the energy process according to Elia Monem, CEO of the MEA Agility Global Integrated Logistics. 

Globally, major exporters like China have seen a decrease in export numbers by 2.5% which indicate that maybe companies will decrease spending over the next six months, thus decreasing sales and hiring.

How does that affect some of the main exporters in the GCC and Singapore?


Slow but steady growth is reported. This is largely due to exports in China slowing down. The port of Singapore will in fact surpass Shanghai as the largest container handling facility due to the fall in exports as reported, a prediction that has reversed on previous quarterly updates. The possibility of a Transpacific Partnership trade deal will buoy this, with an increase in maritime trade will mean more jobs.


The UAE shipping and logistics sector is set to see strong growth in 2015 largely due to global and domestics factors. Oil prices will increase consumers spending in the west, providing a higher demand for containerised good through this countries ports.

The UAE dominates the freight transport sector in the region and continued expansion of its ports and airports, now matched by investment into the developing rail network, will ensure this remains the case. 

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has a mixed logistics and shipping report, with infrastructure being built to support growth the industry has seen salary increases to all public servants which is expected to increase demand for containerised goods.

Rail freight in particular will perform well as the country ramps up its mineral exports, utilising newly developed freight lines like the North-South Railway; however, shipping will likely decrease in production because of it.

Job Updates

There were 111 recent job vacancies advertised at the time of publication, with the most popular destination being the United Arab Emirates. They had 36 vacant positions, Saudi Arabia had 21, Qatar 27, Kuwait 5 and Jordan 7.

Logistics Officers, Drivers, Captains, Supervisors, Coordinators and Managers were all in demand in the industry, across a variety of locations including warehouses, retail, shipping and manufacturing.

The majority of positions were mid-career level jobs (30) but a large amount of entry and management level positions were available also.

Qatar Airways was the employer advertising the most vacancies, totalling 25 and 23 of those being based in Qatar itself. 

There were also 487 transportation and logistics jobs advertised in Singapore, highlighting the demand this transportation hub has.

In the shipping sector there was an overwhelming 400 advertised jobs ranging from entry level to positions to requiring 20+ years experience. The most popular jobs were marine, safety, HSE and shipping officers, followed by tug masters and tug mates, crane operators, harbour masters, and marine superintendents.

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