How to Design Your LinkedIn Profile to Assist in an Overseas Job Search

How to Design Your LinkedIn Profile to Assist in an Overseas Job Search

The prospects of living and working overseas are sure to be exciting, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But to breath real life into your overseas job search, everything you do must be methodical, well thought out and highly professional. This includes the design of your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is not just a place to casually keep your CV online for recruiters to view. It is an invaluable tool to market your professional brand. Here are a few essentials things to know to design your LinkedIn profile ways to effectively promote yourself for your overseas job search.

Complete your profile

This may sound like common sense, but common sense is rarely adhered to. In fact, research indicates that nearly half of all profiles on LinkedIn are not completed in their entirety.

One important factor to completing your profile is to include a profile photo. Having a strong photograph is an important element of making your profile as human and approachable as possible. People generally are much more trusting of an online profile if there is a photograph attached to it. Be sure you are the only subject of the photograph, and that it is a clear, professional looking image.


Completing your LinkedIn profile will instantly demonstrate to international recruiters that you are serious about your job search and your career moving forward. Completing your profile also gives you the best chance of being found by recruiters, as potential employers will be scouring for certain skills or experiences that you may have.  If you don’t put it in your LinkedIn profile, they won’t know about it.

Utilize keywords

LinkedIn is a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) site.  Keywords, therefore, play a pivotal role in how your profile will be discovered by recruiters. Strategically using keywords throughout your profile will increase your chances of being discovered.

In order to best accomplish this, try to get inside the mind of your potential employers. Scan job postings in the locations that you are interested in. Keeping an eye out for keywords that often appear. These are likely to be things that recruiters from those countries will use when searching.

The LinkedIn keywords used should range from the broad to the highly targeted. Since you never know what someone is looking for, use as many keywords that relate to you and your profession as possible.

A LinkedIn user can put these in an assortment of different places. Keywords in the name, headline, company name, job title, and skills rank highest. Be sure you are populating these areas with the terms you want to be found for.

Enhance job descriptions

Job descriptions on LinkedIn should be creative, factual, descriptive and concise. Instead of writing in full paragraphs, however, try using a bullet point statements that contain relevant keywords. Formatting your descriptions will also increase your profile’s search results capability.

Get connected

This might not affect the visual appearance of your LinkedIn profile, but it is a critical element to consider when designing your LinkedIn profile as an optimized job search resource. There are many LinkedIn members who don’t readily connect with family, friends, colleagues, and professional contacts.  This will put them at a disadvantage, as the more contacts you have, the more likely you are to show up in LinkedIn’s internal search results. Research has indicated that your LinkedIn profile will appear in search results when you have reached forty connections.


Further, with increased connections, you place yourself in a stronger position to receive increased endorsements. And the

Try adding new contacts by searching for different keywords. Additional connections can also be made by importing your email address book and connecting with people who you already have established relationships with.  It is also beneficial to write a personalized note with any contact request you send more endorsements received for skills and talents, you are more likely appear in the internal search results.

Creating an outstanding LinkedIn profile is essential to connecting and networking in this global age. A strong, well connected profile can be the key to being discovered by international recruiters and can open the doors to new opportunities overseas. By using the advice above, you can design a LinkedIn profile that will give you the best shot at being discovered by recruiters and getting employment in your dream destination.

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