Landing Your Dream Job: It Takes More Than a Resume/CV

Landing Your Dream Job: It Takes More Than a Resume/CV

Have resume, will work: How it takes more than a resume to land your dream job

You have all the proper degrees, training, and experience to make a recruiter’s mouth water, right? So why are you still on the sidelines while those with less sparkling resumes content get snatched up? The simple answer is that you are not marketing your professional brand effectively enough. Use the guide below to raise your profile, and to reach the audience that will appreciate the value found in your resume.

What to use: LinkedIn

Landing a fantastic job has gone digital. The emergence of social media has made it quicker and simpler for recruiters to scour the world’s candidates, and to distinguish the best from the hundreds, or even thousands, of jobseekers. LinkedIn, in particular, has become an increasingly valuable tool to conduct recruitment efforts. With a LinkedIn account, you can post a resume online, identify and display your key skills, as well as to communicate with other professionals in either private or group discussions.


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What to do

One of the perks of LinkedIn is the capability to conduct research and straightforward keyword inquiries. You have the ability to use the Advanced People Search function to identify people within a particular geographic area who possess the skills, education or experiences relevant to a given search.

To take advantage of this, review several job descriptions of positions similar to what you are seeking. Single out the skills, actions or descriptions that can be used for keyword searches. Make sure to distribute these words or descriptions throughout your profile. Do not just list a block of keywords. Rather, use them in the bullet points that describe who you are, what you have done and how you have achieved it.

Another key component of an effective LinkedIn profile is to just be noticeable. Share industry-related articles and comments in your updates. Be active in industry-related groups. Be more active in personal messages to contacts. All of these actions will add up and bring you to the attention of those who matter.

How to communicate

When using LinkedIn, do not leave it up to hiring managers and recruiters to guess about who you are or what you have to offer. If they have to make assumptions about your worth, it is more convenient for them to disregard you altogether; recruiters, for instance, cannot take the chance that they were wrong in their selection of your candidacy. Therefore, be direct and clear in what your aims are and what skills and competencies you can provide professionally. Do this in part by keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date.

Directness should also be considered by reaching out to recruiters, rather than simply waiting for them. Take the initiative to research certain recruiters who are influential in your industry, and open the lines of communication with them. Take the time to create personalized messages for each individual recruiter you reach out to, rather than sending generic mass messages. The idea is to stand out from others after all, and this is one simple tactic to accomplish this.

How to deal with the recruiters when you meet them

Your job is not over after a recruiter spots you online. The second phase of this relationship is to take it to an interpersonal relationship, meeting in-person. When this interaction occurs, treat it in the same fashion that you would treat a job interview. Be calm, composed, and show your personality. Remember to ask plenty of questions and to demonstrate how there can be mutual benefit in any relationship developed.

Education and experience is not enough anymore in today’s job market. Instead, a competent job candidate must manage a well maintained LinkedIn profile among other networking functions. Incorporate these ideas and attitudes into your routine and be prepared to have the recruiters coming your way.


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