Kuwait – Well Worth The Move!

Kuwait – Well Worth The Move!

Great things can indeed come in small packages. Kuwait is proof of that. Kuwait is one of the smallest countries in the world, but it still offers some of the best opportunities for expatriates. With a strong business environment, thriving expatriate community and engaging local attractions, Kuwait is definitely worth considering for your move abroad.

Kuwaiti economy

Kuwait city.Due to Kuwait’s small size and population, the country has always been reliant on foreign workers when it comes to filling key positions within industry. Career opportunities in Kuwait largely derive from the country’s oil resources; skilled expatriates working in Kuwait will more likely than not find themselves employed in the energy sector. Other opportunities do exist however, in business sectors such as real estate, construction, business services, education, healthcare and finance.

Professional attributes

Employment contracts can be quite lucrative for skilled foreign workers. Terms of employment in Kuwait usually include benefits such as a healthy housing allowance, medical aid and annual air tickets home.
While Arabic is the official language, English is widely spoken and understood in Kuwaiti business circles. This can help expats in the transition to life in their new country, providing more time to grow accustomed to the local tongue, and to be able to communicate and build relationships. Nevertheless, expats working in Kuwait will find it advantageous to learn at least a few key phrases and greetings in Arabic.

The business culture in Kuwait is quite formal; you will not likely find casual dress environments or tech start-up cultures. This work culture is also largely based on Islamic principles. Appearances are important and business attire should be conservative. Female expatriates should try to avoid wearing tight-fitting or revealing clothing. Muslim Kuwaiti associates will typically pray five times a day; therefore, meetings and appointments will be arranged around prayer times. Expats should show respect and patience for this consuetude.

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Living accommodations

There has been a construction boom in Kuwait over the last decade. This boom has provided many different apartments and villas for expats to choose from. Almost all of these living options have a haris, or manager, on the premises who will make arrange for your trash to be taken out and your car washed for a small fee.

A variety of communal organisations to join

There is a wide variety of expat leagues and clubs for newcomers to join. This especially extends to female expatriates, with notable organizations such as the AWL (American Women’s League) and BLS (British Ladies Society).These organisations and clubs have social gatherings and are also deeply involved with schools and charitable programs.

Many different types of private schools to choose from

Kuwait beach.Education is a pivotal factor for many families considering a move abroad. Fortunately for those with an eye towards Kuwait, there are many different private schools which are well-regarded. These range from schools that cater to Indian and Pakistani to American and British schools nationals; expats have a wide variety of international schools to choose from. Keep in mind, however, that government schools are only for Kuwaiti children or children of educators.


The most common and reliable form of transport in Kuwait is via automobile. For expats, the nation has a well-developed road network, petrol is cheap, and most road signs are in Arabic as well as English; you will find that driving in Kuwait is relatively easy.

Keep in mind that cars drive on the right hand side of the road in Kuwait. And while it’s possible to drive in Kuwait with an international driver’s licence, once you receive a Kuwaiti Civil ID card, you are required to get a Kuwaiti driver’s licence. The process for getting a Kuwaiti driver’s licence may vary according to your nationality and your home country’s licence standards.

Local attractions

You will need some entertainment to fulfil your non-working hours. While it does not have the boastful attractions of some of its neighbors, Kuwait still offers great attractions for locals and tourists alike.
One of the most liked and authentic places in Kuwait are the Mubarakia. Here, visitors will find whatever they desire, whether it is clothes, jewellery, toys, carpets, perfumes, fruits, vegetables, dates, or halwa. It is one of the best places in Kuwait to enjoy the local culture.

In the suburbs of Kuwait City’s Qadisiya, you can find a miniature museum where every detail is meticulously made of thousands of broken mirrors. The widow of well-known artist Khalifa al Quattan, Lidia al-Qattan is the creator of this spectacle. It is an entire house adorned with heroic scenes called Room of the Universe, the Basin of the Sharks, and many other unique aspects.
20 km off the coast of Kuwait City is Failaka Island. The island, a former outpost of ancient civilizations such as the Greeks, is home to a fantastic museum and archaeological sites. Designs are in the works to make this a centrepiece of Kuwait’s tourism industry. Whether this comes to fruition or not, Failaka Island is a perfect setting to enjoy the natural beauties Kuwait has to offer.

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