January Job Search Tips – 5 Tips to Stand Out in the January Rush

January Job Search Tips – 5 Tips to Stand Out in the January Rush

The New Year is more than the time to switch calendars. For many people, it is a time of resolutions and the pursuit of new beginnings. If one of your pursuits is to upgrade your new year with a new career, several tips can place you ahead of the pack in the January rush.

 Improve writing and self-promotional techniques

Getting the edge in job hunting requires more than having strong credentials. When it comes to job application functions like submitting a cover letter and resume, it is important to know what to say and how to say it. If you fail to highlight the most vital points of the job description, you will be by-passed in spite of your true qualifications. Therefore, search out information that identifies what the employer value most, and customise individual applications to reflect these preferences.

Maximise your online influence

Use social media and online forums to boost your personal profile and demonstrate your talents and knowledge in particular disciplines. Using these forums can effectively expand your networking capability. Use these relationships to learn more information about your industry or roles available within it. Contacts with human resources personnel and managing partners can be forged, improving your access to employment opportunities and business relationships

A strong social media presence can also bring you to the attention of headhunters and recruiters. These professionals regularly survey social media groups to identify new talent and prospective candidates. Make an emphasis of articulating your knowledge as well as asking questions that are relevant about a position, topic, or industry. By becoming a frequently seen and respected peer on LinkedIn groups and other relevant professional forums, the odds of being identified for future opportunities are far more likely to heighten.

Increase linguistic ability

Due to travel, digital technology and other modern instruments, the world has become a small place. The economy is far more interconnected, where suppliers half way around the world are just as integral to an enterprise’s success as your colleagues in your office. Because of this, there is no telling who may cross your path. Adding another language to your communication arsenal can increase your chances of being hired. The more people with whom you can communicate with, the better you can conduct and advance within the industry.

Sharpen interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills are essential to any potential job candidate’s repertoire. For example, being polite, acknowledging others, and setting expectations are all necessary facets of excelling within a professional environment. These traits say to employers that you have the ability to interact with individuals effectively and efficiently. Sharpening these skills enables you to handle conflict resolutions and problem solving. Pursue strengthening these skills in formal or informal manners. Leadership and professional courses are great outlets to gain constructive feedback; however, interacting in any social setting that is less familiar can also be used to refine your own abilities.

Prepare for phone interviews

Take care with this task. Far too many people fail to fully prepare for these engagements and take them on the fly. When the HR manager telephones for a phone screening interview, ask to schedule the next day or later, and use the time until then to research the company and the job you are seeking. Take time to envision the job and what it will entail. Consider what the company will want to know about you and how you can best represent yourself through your answers. By doing this your questions and responses will be more in-depth and you will leave a greater impression.

You’ve Done it

Getting noticed is not a simple task to do when the competition for work is fierce. However, it can be done if you know how. Take time to address the helpful tips above during your January job search; by working on incorporating these facets into your job hunting campaign, you will do more than stand out amongst the crowd. You will succeed in claiming the position you have your sights on.


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