Interview Essentials For An Expat Overseas

Interview Essentials For An Expat Overseas

It is said that the best defence is a great offence. In the current job market – where going to an interview might feel like entering a battlefield – this saying has never been more true. Luckily, it is entirely possible to prepare oneself for the challenge ahead, and be ready to go head-to-head with potentially tricky interview aspects. If you are prepared with a few basics, there is no reason not to ace the interview and increase your prospects as a candidate.

Be your CV

If you are job-hunting you may have been submitting CV’s to various prospective employers. If your CV’s tend to be tailored to specific companies or positions, you need to be entirely sure of what your CV has promised the prospective employer calling you in for an interview.

Reread the CV you have submitted to the interviewing company – even if you assume that you remember what your CV states about you.
It is always prudent to take your own hard copy of your CV to the interview. Make sure that this hard copy is presentable. A professional-looking document shows your prospective employer that you attach value to what is written in your CV. Carrying physical proof of your work experience and qualifications gives you the opportunity to show that you are a confident, neat and conscientious candidate.

Become aware of your body language

Body language can be either a powerful tool or a condemning flaw. Your posture says a great deal about your level of self-awareness. You cannot correct your posture if you do not know if, or how it is flawed. At least a week before your interview, start using your body in ways that you are not used to. You might want to try simple tricks like brushing your teeth with your right hand if you are used to using your left (and vice versa); this brings your attention back to physical habits which have long ago become automatic. Swap your knife and fork around when you eat, brush your hair with a different hand or sleep in a different position than you normally do. Small changes to habitual physical actions make a big difference in your brain and how it communicates automatic function to your body.

Be aware that constantly correcting your posture during an interview makes you look anxious and uncomfortable. It is therefore important that you practice being and looking comfortable in your own skin in the run-up to interview day.

Pay attention to detail

As with body language, there may be traits about yourself that are more telling than you know. Consider asking a friend to simply tell you things they notice about you that they assume you have not noticed. Asking the same question to a small child can render harsh, but essentially useful, results.

Remember to trim your nails and pack your breath mints; it is useful to think of going to an interview like going on a date when it comes to your appearance: fair or not, your interviewer is human and will naturally make snap-assumptions about you based on your looks.

It’s not about you: it’s about them

Your interviewer may see many candidates on the same day as you. Make sure that you treat your interviewer like a person – not an obstacle in your way to the job. It is natural to focus on your own emotions when you are worried about how you will come across to another person. Try shifting your attention to your interviewer even before the interview. This is the psychologically grown-up version of imagining him or her naked. Thinking of whether or not your interviewer is tired, anxious, or stressed will help you take pressure off yourself.


Be prepared for your interviews by following the steps above. Don’t fall short of presenting yourself in the best light and highlighting your career achievements and experiences to the interviewers.


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