Information Technology Updates Q4 2015

Information Technology Updates Q4 2015

A career in the IT sector can cover many different aspects of computing and technology, with many of its sectors coming under particular spotlight recently. A reliance on technology for business to be conducted nowadays has put an increased emphasis on this industry and a demand for such employees. Particularly, web development, software architects and cyber security specialists are positions that have risen significantly in the past few years. But will this be the case in the final quarter of 2015 and into 2016?

It seems Technology may be the most lucrative industry to be working in for 2016 as the Robert Half IT Survey indicated it would be the industry with the highest increase in salary in the Americas.

The hiring environment is set to be fiercely competitive however, as many companies seek to catch up (if behind) or push further ahead of its competitors on the technology front. Jobs are likely to remain readily available however so Robert Half has said employers must move quickly in order not to miss out on the right candidate.

Information technology

Certifications in demand are CCNA, CCNP (Cisco), MCP, MCITP (Microsoft) PMP (Project management), CISSP (Security and VCP (Virtualisation). The key skills employers are looking for are both technical and non-technical communication skills, problem solving abilities, collaborative mind-set, team-orientated approach and creative thinking skills.

The top 5 positions in demand currently are, Wireless Engineers, Big Data Engineers, Data Scientist, Mobile Applications Developer and Data Security Analyst, which are all currently averaging an annual salary of over US $100,000.

In general in the Middle East, IT outlook comes below the forecasted mark, but this is similar to many of the other industries and is due to oil prices not rising as expected. Despite this, infrastructure projects remain in place and companies realisation of a need to build its technology infrastructure driving this growth.

Specifically, the online market is providing a considerable amount of turnover and marketing share, with companies investing more money into the IT departments of the companies for marketing and SEO purposes. The recent update of Google now indexing those websites that are mobile friendly higher in the search rankings and the reliance of society on technology for ease of use are examples of technologies prominence for companies of various industries.

Due to this, companies are building their IT workforce, increasing spending and boosting salaries.

Job Outlook

At the time of publication there were 507 jobs recently advertised with the majority of those positions being found in the UAE. 267 of those positions required more that 5-7 years experience as well as 130 requiring 3-5 years. Positions in a variety of sectors including retail, finance, construction and engineering demonstrating the versatility of IT positions across many industries.

There are certainly positions available in the coming term it is a matter of getting your CV in the right place.

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