How to Use LinkedIn To Be Found On The International Job Market

How to Use LinkedIn To Be Found On The International Job Market

Some say LinkedIn is just a place to keep your resume online for others to see. But over the years, it has become public knowledge that it has become possibly the most useful marketing source of information promoting your own personal brand.

This is the case moreso for someone seeking a job internationally. LinkedIn can be a conduit where you can use the different applications to your personal and professional advantage. Here are a few quick and simple ways to effectively promote yourself on LinkedIn for an international job hunt.

Be Direct

When using LinkedIn, do not make others guess about who you are or what you have to offer. If they have to make assumptions about your worth, it is more convenient for them to disregard you altogether; recruiters cannot take the chance that they were wrong in your selection, and connections can forgo building relationships that can be mutually beneficial. Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date, and maintain a clear portrayal of who you are and what you aim to achieve.

Engagement with Recruiters

Do not send a mass message to all the recruiters you can find on the network. Take the time to create personalised messages for each individual recruiter. Be aware of each recruiter’s social media presence and work styles. Use this information to gain an understanding of their penchants and mention it during your message. Stick to recruiters who specialise within your particular industry and niche fields. Send a personal email to this small, select number of headhunters that hopefully begins a discussion of how you can be of mutual benefit.

If you are looking to relocate to a certain destination, guaranteeing you are connecting with the top recruiters in that location is essential. how else would they know to look for you and that you are looking for opportunities in that region without letting them know?

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Optimise Your Profiles’ Keywords

One of the perks of LinkedIn is the capability to conduct straightforward keyword inquiries. Headhunters and recruiters use the Advanced People Search function to identify people within a particular geographic radius who possess the skills, education or experiences relevant to a vacancy they are looking to place a candidate in.

The best way to guarantee you apply the right keywords on your profile is by reviewing several job descriptions of positions similar to what you are seeking. Single out the skills, actions or descriptions that can be used for keyword searches. Make sure to distribute these words or descriptions throughout your profile. Do not just list a block of keywords. Rather, use them in the bullet points that describe who you are, what you have done and how you have achieved it.

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LinkedIn Groups

Post your fully developed thoughts on a Featured Discussion or do a search on your areas of interest and comment on a discussion related to that subject matter. To get the largest return on your time investment, you should also consider to post a discussion yourself. Asking a simple, professionally relevant question generally attracts the most comments. If you are in the information technology industry, this may include a question such as “What is your favourite work-related application.” If you’re in the retail industry, ask about what trends people are expecting in the next year. This engagement can help build your professional network and increase your profiles visibility.

Follow Thought Leaders and Key Influencers

A large factor in job hunting success is to have the ability to know “who’s who” in a specialty field. For instance, many recruiters make it a point of emphasis to stay up to date with a sizeable base of their contacts, as well as to grasp and follow the real leaders; this is done by analyzing who is following whom on LinkedIn. As with groups, stay current in your field by following the individuals who will indirectly benefit you by your association with them.

Endorse Skills & Expertise

Endorse the Skills & Expertise of people in your network. LinkedIn provides cues on your homepage; you can also click over to the profiles of the people who appear in your home feed and take time to review their list of Skills & Expertise and endorse the qualities you can personally vouch for. Often when you endorse other people, they will consider returning the favour. This public recognition of your abilities can act as a great feather in your cap, and another reason why you should be considered for opportunities.

A well maintained LinkedIn profile can perform wonders in achieving your job hunting ambitions. Incorporate these ideas and attitudes into your social networking routine and be prepared to have the international job offers come your way.

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