How to Network with International Recruiters

How to Network with International Recruiters

Working abroad is a dream countless individuals aspire towards. Finding the right circumstances and the appropriate role internationally is not the easiest objective to achieve however. As with every professional pursuit, there is the dynamic of who you know and how you make a first impression. Read below to discover how to network with international recruiters, and how to increase your chances of acquiring your new occupation abroad.

Precision-target recruiters
Do not send a mass email to all the recruiters you can find. Take the time to create personalised messages for each individual recruiter. Be aware of each recruiter’s social media presence and work styles. Use this information to gain an understanding of their tendencies, to engage with them, and to know where to find them. Stick to headhunters who specialise with your particular industry and niche fields, if applicable. Send a personal email to this small, select number of recruiters.


Use previous connections if you have them
Personal referrals to an international recruiter through colleagues, business associates, or former classmates who have existing relationships with the consultant are always preferable. Use every tool at your disposal to succeed. However, it is also important to differentiate yourself from your peer referrer. After all, if the recruiter already has developed a relationship with this individual and they have a virtual identical background, what benefit is there to pursue you instead?


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First impressions count: Know how to communicate with them
In this personalised message, highlight why you are keen to work with them. Keep the introduction brief and to the point. Be concise about what you want from the recruiter. Detail your background and aspirations; treat this with the brevity you would with an “elevator pitch.” Don’t forget to attach a resume to your message.

Meeting a recruiter.

Ensure the relationship is two-way
Recruiting is a two way process. A recruiter must be able to advise why the targeted candidate will benefit from the particular role. Remember, recruiters work for-and get paid by- the hiring company, not you. As a job hunter, aim to assist the recruiter by any means possible to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Catching the attention of a recruiter can make all the difference in progressing within your profession. This is especially true when attempting to gain employment in a new country. Getting their attention is not as simple as sitting back and waiting for them to come to you however. Follow this know-how to enhance your professional prospects and get on the radar of corporate recruiters.


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