How to Build A Network Of Expat Recruitment Contacts

How to Build A Network Of Expat Recruitment Contacts

Did you know that certain reports speculate as many as half of all new positions filled were never actually advertised to the public?

Its true, many companies would prefer to hire internally for a number of reasons. It minimises costs. Saves the HR department time. And gives the organisation greater confidence they are making the right decision.

Particularly due to the overwhelming number of applicants employers now receive when advertising vacancies on the online job market, this overwhelming number – and the countless number of irrelevant ones – it has become easier to not advertise them and either hire internally or take advantage of the recruitment and talent acquisition specialists.

So, for whatever reason, out of those positions that aren’t being advertised, it will either be because they are being advertised internally, or in the a hands of a recruitment professional.

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How Does An Expat Find These Unadvertised Vacancies?

Internal Hiring 

This is only applicable if you work for the company that have offices abroad and where you desire to move to. For the most part, this option is only really relevant for large multinationals who exist in many of the worlds leading destinations.

You can indicate to your boss that you would like to move abroad, which they will be able to help you relocate providing they see you adding value abroad. Although this provides the benefit of finding a job in your ideal location, you are confined to working for the same company, which for some people may not be the ideal situation.


The only other way you may see such jobs available is via one of the people in your network. If someone in your network is working for one of the organisations you desire to work for, expressing your desire to work to them is important when positions you may be suitable for arise. When they do, they will be able to tap you on the shoulder and apply for you with a reference.

This is arguably the hardest way to find an unadvertised job simply because networking with people in a different country is extremely difficult.

Recruitment Professionals

Probably the most popular way to secure a job within the hidden job market is by getting in touch with the right recruitment professionals.

Due to the circumstances of finding a job abroad – and you as a candidate potentially not being in your desired location yet – getting in touch with those people who the advertisements are sent to is paramount.

They will be able to take note of your main qualifications, work experience, and all other relevant information and keep you in mind for any vacancies that come across their desk even without being in the country.

job-interview-tipsBut knowing which people to reach out to is the trick.

Like all jobs, you have good employees and bad employees. When searching for your dream job, the recruitment firms are the same. Some are tapped into and are trusted by companies and some are not.

Through years of experience in the international jobs market, Teleport My Job has acquired lists of the top recruitment firms in some of the leading emerging market destinations for expats to move to.

Whether you are an IT professional looking for work in the Gulf, Finance professional looking for work in Asia, or Oil and Gas, Hospitality or Engineer looking to move locations, Teleport My Job can guarantee you the contact information of the regions leading recruitment firm for your industry.

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