How to Bond With Individuals In a Professional Capacity

How to Bond With Individuals In a Professional Capacity

Networking can be the X-factor in your professional pursuits. Networking helps your chances of employment, increases your contacts and can help improve your business profile.

Professional Bonding – Becoming a Networking Magnate

Here are some tips and tricks to help improve your networking skills, and to develop strong bonds beyond business alone.

Forget you’re working

Whether you are being introduced to someone at an industry conference or you strike up a conversation while in line for coffee, once you’re engaged with someone in a professional conversation, allow yourself to become lost in the communication. Thinking about how this new relationship might develop and become important to you and your business can distract you from the current dialogue. Being a distracted, apathetic conversationalist is no way to lock someone into your network.

It’s great to be strategic about meeting people; however, once the interaction has begun, just talk. And listen. You should know your business and industry well enough to let the conversation happen organically. You’re almost assured to have a better time – and make a stronger impression – if you do.

Congratulate your contacts

When a connection is promoted or moves to a new firm, send a congratulatory note and inquire about the transition. Use the opening to catch up on other matters and provide an update on your own status.

Provide Professional Leads

When you hear of something, let appropriate individuals in your network know. Think beyond jobs and referrals. Also consider things such as speaking or writing opportunities, and special projects. Offer to provide an introduction if you’re comfortable doing so.


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Mail something

Everything is electronic now. When it’s not, then it stands out. To strengthen a relationship, be unique and hand-write a note and mail it them. Finished a good book or interesting industry journal that you think a contact would enjoy? Mail it to the person with a note saying why you’re sending it their way.

Ask their opinion

Your contacts are in your network for a reason, right? So remember to take advantage of their knowledge and experience. While taking care not to contact people too much, reach out when you have a need and you know your contact will be able to assist. Inquire about other matters during the exchange and always thank them for helping out.

Meet in person

Remember to meet local contacts for beverages or lunch from time-to-time. For remote connections, this may not be possible; but if you travel, try and meet on the occasions when you’re both in the same city.

Speak positively

Whether in person or through social media, pay close attention to what you say about your business associates and contacts. Try to take into account how your contacts might feel about what you say when they are not around. Speak respectfully of your colleagues so they know that you are someone they can trust. Nothing builds trust like knowing that someone will speak kindly of you, even in your absence.

Creating strong bonds is essential in relationships. Whether it is with one’s family, friends, or business contacts, a stronger sense of commitment and enthusiasm about the relationship will lead to a greater shared experience.


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