How Powerful is your CV for the International Jobs Market?

How Powerful is your CV for the International Jobs Market?

There’s no denying that the international jobs market is a huge challenge to take on. Thousands of individuals are applying for the same handful of positions on any given day. The competition is equally as daunting, with many of the pursuing candidates having experiences and education similar to your own. Therefore it is imperative to maximise your resources to the fullest extent to stand out amongst this crowd. The strength of your curriculum vitae should be the first priority of any serious job applicant. Several aspects of your CV should be reconsidered to maximise the effectiveness of its impact on potential employers.

First Impressions Count

The first aspect that anyone should consider is what the first impression from the CV is. Does your CV have a certain flair or power to draw the reader in after only a quick glance? A simple way to test this to have a colleague or acquaintance read the CV in ten seconds or less. What is their initial impression? If it is too mundane or ordinary in their opinion, it is unlikely to stand out amongst the hundreds or thousands of CVs those employers will review. Adjustments should be made to enhance its effectiveness.

To strengthen the first impression of a CV, it needs to begin with bang. It is critical to catch the reader’s attention early on in your overview. What do the first few lines on your overview say?  It is advisable to get as much good information on the first few lines as possible.  Next to your name, put your qualifications.  An MBA or another recognised degree/qualification does stand out. Do not waste space with any information that does not highlight your skills or achievements succinctly.

Choose your Words Carefully

The utilisation of carefully chosen and highly relevant keywords or catch phrases is another critical aspect to stand out in the eyes of hiring personnel. It is essential to customise each CV put to employers to match their expectations and desires. If an international job is based out of Singapore, make an emphasis to state early on it the CV that you are willing to relocate to the region, as well as how you would be an ideal fit to work in this location. For the Singapore example, perhaps mention early on in the CV that you have past work experience in the region, or that you have the language skills that will be advantageous to the position, even if it is not a prerequisite for being hired.

Less is More

A lengthy CV does not bode well in the hiring process. It is best to keep your CV to a single page; two pages should be the absolute max. The individuals reviewing thousands of applicants will not take the time and effort to carefully read every detail in a five page curriculum vitae. In all honesty, an applicant will be fortunate to have a reviewer read over half of the first page and have a very quick skim of the remaining document.  It is best to keep information concise and on point.

Quantify your Career

Another strategy to stand out above the crowd is to let the numbers do the talking. Give employers undeniable proof of the value you have provided past employers, and what they can expect from their decision to hire you. Highlight the percentage improvements, profit increases, money saved and any statistics that you can verify that can show how influential and effective you are.

The international jobs market is extremely competitive. Given the conditions of the market at present, it is essential to make sure that prospects give themselves an advantage in as many ways as possible.  This begins with enhancing the strength of one’s curriculum vitae. With the advice provided above, one’s CV will certainly stand out from the crowd.

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