How do I convey I am looking for a job on LinkedIn without actually saying I am looking for a job?

How do I convey I am looking for a job on LinkedIn without actually saying I am looking for a job?

It is arguably the most frequently asked question I get when offering social media consultancy and answering it can be difficult.

Obviously we don’t want to brand it all over our page because, it can make it look like we are desperate, potentially giving them more negotiation power come the time to discuss salary.

But if you don’t put it on, then how do people know you are actually looking? There are a couple of things you can do to help demonstrate you are seeking a new position.

Upgrade to Job Seeker Premium

One of the great aspects about the new Job Seeker Premium is it does not show the little briefcase in the top corner of your page for everyone to see anymore. it is more discreet and gives you greater benefits behind the scenes such as:

  • Being a featured applicant on Job applications through LinkedIn
  • Larger Search Listing, both for conducting and being found
  • Greater information on searches and more detailed sections to fill out
  • Advice on how to improve your profile
  • More information so the right people are finding you and so you can find companies and positions that will match your skills
  • InMails to reach out to people such as headhunters and recruiters
  • A larger profile picture so you can stand out more on the page

Obviously it does come with a price, and different levels of premium will cost you different amounts. However I definitely recommend that if you do have the money, it is an investment worthwhile. For more information on the job seeker premium, click here

Connect with Recruiters

Arguably the second best way to show you are looking for a job is starting to connect with headhunters and recruiters via the advanced people search. By connecting with them, you are opening yourself up to feature within their search results, but also increase the likelihood of them coming across and viewing your profile. If you are feeling very lucky, why not try reaching out to them via an InMail as well. However, don’t be disappointed if they don’t reply. They are inundated with requests and mails from people so consider yourself one of the lucky few if they do reply.

Become More Active by Sharing Updates

By becoming more active and sharing updates, you increase the visibility of your profile by, well, a lot. let me explain. When you share an update, it goes out initially to your connections, whom can read the update, and may be intrigued to view your profile again (maybe recruiters?). Additionally, they have the ability to either, like, comment, or share the post you have published. Once this occurs, no matter what interaction it was, their connections will now have access to your post via their news feed – the “home page”. This means they have access to your update but also your profile. Furthermore, if they comment, like or share it, it will then be published out to their connections and so-on and so-forth.

It is a great way to improve your visibility, however you just need to ensure the content is something that will present you in a positive light and as a thought leader yet also worth sharing. Harder said than done.

Join More Relevant Groups

Joining more relevant groups is a great way to show you are looking for a job as it is a great way to increase your outreach within the search results but an excellent tool to connect with other like-minded professionals and network with them to open up different avenues for future employment opportunities.

Also, participating within group discussions and sharing blogs you have written within these groups is a great way to present yourself as an authoritative figure within your field of work. You would be surprised at how many recruiters are active within such groups. I have heard of several occasions where people have received interview offers as a result of this. No hurt in trying!

Apply for Jobs on LinkedIn

As obvious as it may sound, sometimes the most obvious slips our thoughts. Applying for jobs will at least put your profile on the map with the hiring managers in charge of the hiring for not only that position, but many others within the company. If you are not a great fit for that particular role, maybe they know of a role you may be better suited for? Try to always find out the name of the person responsible for the listing on LinkedIn and connect with them. This will always help as you will see any new jobs that person posts as well.

There are a number of strategies which we can attempt, but if you want to keep it discreet, finding out what is the most effective method for you is essential. Maybe it is one, two, or all of them? you won’t know until you try them all!