Hospitality Industry Updates Q3 2015

Hospitality Industry Updates Q3 2015


According to Mr. Ben-Mahmoud from JLL, The Middle East and Africa region continues to witness strong hotel development and interest.

It also has a “differentiated and diverse strategies, supported by strong infrastructure programmes as well as niche and specialised hospitality offerings such as heritage, boutique and retreat hotels.”

Dubai remains the leader in the industry, not only within the region but globally as well. Such a positive outlook within this tourism hotbed has provided continued investment, with investors and companies implementing ambitious growth strategies for the coming years. Such a boom in hotels will create a considerable demand for employees of all background and experience levels.

A total of 96 total projects and 36,523 rooms are currently in the pipeline according to Top Hotel Projects as they work towards their target of over 100,000 rooms before Dubai 2020. 

Looking ahead to the future, it seems 2017 will be the busiest of the upcoming years with 30 projects opening to the public including the first fully solar powered hotel, Hotel Indigo Dubai in the Sustainable City and a plethora of new luxury hotels.

Other active hospitality markets are Morocco with 46 current active projects, Riyadh wit 43 and Doha with 38, all providing opportunities and demand for expatriate workers to fill vacant positions.

Looking for a networking event to attend to get your foot in the door to one of these major hotel brands? The attending the Hotel Show and The Leisure Show at the Dubai World Trade Center September 28-30. 

Job Update

There were in total, 707 vacancies found in the hospitality sector across the entire region at the time of publication. 

The majority of them unsurprisingly coming in the UAE where the most amount of hotels are currently opening and construction underway.

In total, there were 242 vacancies in the UAE, ranging from chefs, managers, business development executives and wait, bar and hotel staff.

With the upcoming FIFA World Cup, the next most popular destination in demand for hospitality workers was Qatar, with a total of 164 advertised vacancies. This was followed by Saudi Arabia with 127, Bahrain 43 and Kuwait with 40.

With 279 of those jobs classified as a mid career level position, there were also over 100 jobs either management or above.

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