Hong Kong – Reasons Why You Should Relocate

Hong Kong – Reasons Why You Should Relocate

Hong Kong, an island with a rich history and ties with the british empire, it remains a destination highly sought after by expats. With a large majority of business being conducted in the financial sector, there are many other industries in demand.

It’s not just a place for work either, with an abundance of exciting places to go and see with your family, friends or by yourself. Anything and everything can be found on this enchanting island. Take this list as just a few of the countless reasons you wouldn’t regret a move abroad to the “Pearl of the Orient.”

Reasons Why You Should Relocate to Hong Kong

Outdoor ventures

There is a lot to do in Hong Kong, especially when it comes to outdoor activities. There are many hikes to go on, as well as hundreds of options when it comes to water activities, sports clubs and competitive leagues. All-in-all, it is an incredibly active place.

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Even though Hong Kong is famous for being a concrete jungle, there is so much more to it. There are actually a lot of green spaces. For instance, sixty percent of Hong Kong Island has not been touched by construction. This leaves over half of the island of untouched hills, which makes for stunning hikes with sweeping views. It’s the best of both worlds.


In Hong Kong, every conceivable cuisine under the sun can be found. Restaurants range from the cheap and practical to the Michelin-starred extravagant. The variety spreads across all palates, from French to Thai to Scandinavian fare. Hong Kong is even home to the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant, a fantastic little Dim Sum place. Hong Kong is a foodie’s dream locale.

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Who likes paying taxes?  Nobody!  For those looking to save more of their hard-earned wages, Hong Kong can certainly be an attractive home. The personal income tax is capped at 17%.   Another great component of Hong Kong’s tax system is the ease in which it is administered. An individual can file their taxes in less than ten minutes, without the help of anyone.  The process is short and simple, and begs the question: why is it so complicated everywhere else? 

Understanding the Visa essentials and application process is an important part of your decision making process. Understand the essential Visa information by reading ‘Expat access: Visa essentials for Hong Kong‘.


Fantastic basecamp

For those longing to travel, Hong Kong is smack dab in the middle of Asia. It is a gigantic airport hub which brings with it quite affordable flights to some of the coolest destinations in the region, and even the world.  Living in Hong Kong gives the opportunity to visit almost every Asian country, each with its distinct styles and customs.  From Japan to Malaysia to Sri Lanka, there are many destinations to choose from, and all easily accessible from your home camp in Hong Kong.

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Read our article Guide to Moving Your Job Abroad: Hong Kong to find out more about moving your job to Hong Kong.


International travel is not the only transport advantage in Hong Kong; daily transport is equally impressive. The public transport system is reliable and very efficient.  Most importantly, it is incredibly affordable.  There is a variety of choices to get from point A to point B.  You can take the M.T.R., buses, mini buses, or even the ride the tram the entire length of Hong Kong island for a mere 25 cents American!  Unlike London where riding the train can be an expensive trip for many, Hong Kong’s public transport system gives everyone the choice and opportunity to save money. Even the taxis are cheap.

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Who doesn’t enjoy a day off from work?   In 2014, Hong Kong has 17 public holidays. There are so many holidays due to the multicultural background of the populace. All the major Christian, Buddhist and Chinese holidays are celebrated. With all of these reprieves, the work year can seem like a breeze.

Affordable custom goods

Pretty much anything can get custom-made in Hong Kong. Any shop will customize their sofas, beds, clothing, dining tables and more. Consumers can have the exact style, color, fabric, shape and size they desire. While super-luxury items are just as prevalent within the islands, it is just as easy to discover affordable furnishings and goods that meet your requirements.


Juggling family duties with your occupational responsibilities can be a daunting task. However, a Hong Kong lifestyle can be just the remedy. Due to affordability, it is a standard practice to have a live-in helper. These assistants are often Filipino women who can be employed to help out at home with the cleaning, cooking, and care of children. These domestic workers generally pick up kids from school, look after them while their parents work, and help look after the house. A lot of expat families think Hong Kong is a fantastic place to have children, as life is made tremendously easier than in most other countries, thanks to these helpers.

With all the perks of a Hong Kong lifestyle, what are you waiting for?


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