Healthcare Industry Updates Q3 2015

Healthcare Industry Updates Q3 2015


Healthcare is one of the rising priorities on many government agendas in the GCC with growing incomes, rising life expectancies and increase of new illnesses providing reasons to invest in large and ambitious medical infrastructure projects.

The increased infrastructure means a higher demand for workers, with many sovereigns relying on an expatriate workforce to fill the demand. In Saudi Arabia, for example, they have an expat physician population of around 76 percent.

Such investment in the healthcare industry is evident in places like Saudi Arabia, where overall, the health ministry is planning to raise hospital capacity from 38,000 to 68,000 beds in five years.

The UAE’s budget has predicted the emirate to increase overall spending to its healthcare industry to $19.6 billion, a 6.9 per cent overall increase from its current position.

Although the UAE too relies heavily on expatriate physicians and nurses, a more active private sector (for expatriates) is needed to help increase the needs and available capacity of the ageing population. You can expect to see an increased investment in private healthcare in the coming months and years.

This is expected to come from overseas investors with the UAE government liberalising policies to attract foreign investments, in order to improvise the healthcare standard and boost the healthcare industry.

This is the reason why the UAE healthcare industry is seeing the largest growth out of any sector and region. In a new survey conducted by a UAE-based job listing website, it was found that six in 10 healthcare companies (63 per cent) in the UAE are keen on hiring additional medical staff in the next three months to meet the growing demand for healthcare services.

Job Updates

There were 475 total jobs advertised in the healthcare and medical sector in the Middle East, 59 practitioners and technicians are required, 82 hospital workers, 14 pharmaceutical workers in the UAE.

Of the positions found in Saudi Arabia (198), 123 of those positions categorised in the mid-career level with those holding 3-10 years experience.

United Arab Emirates has 130 advertised vacancies at the time of publication with the large majority of positions advertised for health technicians, practitioners, and nurses.

Qatar also had 67, Lebanon 14 and Kuwait 28 advertised vacancies in healthcare and medical at the time of publication.

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