Health of the Qatar Job Market for Expats

Health of the Qatar Job Market for Expats

With a stable economy, competitive salaries and bountiful opportunities available, prospective expats looking to Qatar have plenty of reasons for optimism.

Doha aerial view

While made major investments in education and social welfare have been undertaken by the Qatari government, in the pursuit of becoming self-sustainable as a labor force, expatriates still remain hot commodities for the time-being. In fact, a majority of outside observers and economists believe that expatriates will have a substantial role to play for the next two or three decades.

2022 World Cup: A significant factor

One of the driving factors of employment opportunities in Qatar can be attributed to the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Anticipation for hosting the largest sporting tournament in the world win has led to a surge in business confidence across the nation, as well the need for capable personnel to meet critical deadlines that are fast approaching. This is reflected in the increasing number of job postings.

What opportunities are available?

Hosting the FIFA World Cup will undoubtedly place a high demand for professionals in the fields of construction, engineering, and logistics. This is due to the substantial infrastructure projects that are required to accommodate the millions of visitors that will arrive in Qatar for the football tournament. These professionals will be required to not only assist in stadium construction projects, but also in the developments of road systems, airports, ports and trading zones.

Qatari construction project

Commercial development, however, will also lead to additional employment opportunities as Qatar’s economy continues to grow. Managerial, professional and particularly technological experience will be in strong demand for new hiring policies, as well as for the many years to come. Qatari employers will also be posting plenty of opportunities within the following positions:

• Human resource professionals
• Executive assistants
• Project managers
• Accountants
• Business analysts

The industries that will be looking to hire the most talent in Qatar are:

• Banking and finance
• Construction
• Hospitality
• Oil, gas and petrochemicals

Skills needed

The Qatari job market indicates that transferable skills, particularly in the form of soft skills, are gaining an increasing importance for locally-based businesses. Employers are looking for team players with good communication skills in both the languages of Arabic and English.


When it comes to experience, Qatari employers are typically seeking candidates with mid-level career experience. Managerial experience is particularly in-demand.

Plenty to offer

When it comes to the job market in 2016, it is safe to say that Qatar remains a hot marketplace with a positive outlook for both employers and job seekers. Further, the nation has much to offer those would-be expatriates seeking rest and recreation, great beaches, world-class golf and many superb and modern accommodations in the capital city of Doha. With all that Qatar has to offer, it should stay on your radar as a prime expat destination.

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