Get Discovered on LinkedIn – Top 5 Optimisation Techniques

Get Discovered on LinkedIn – Top 5 Optimisation Techniques

Like many traditional offline functions, networking has embraced the digital world with the emergence of social media. LinkedIn, in particular, has revolutionised the way businesses use technology to conduct their affairs. Tools such as LinkedIn are not instant guarantees of great connections or career advancement opportunities. The acquisition of a profile will not be the only prerequisite to being discovered. Individuals must be proactive in their approach to the website. Using the five techniques described below, the ambitious LinkedIn member can optimise their influence online, and become a more significant asset to other search-goers.

Get connected

This might seem obvious, but there are many LinkedIn members who don’t connect with anybody.  The more contacts you have, the more likely you are to show up in the website’s internal search results.  Research suggests that your profile will appear in search results when you have reached approximately forty connections. Try adding new people by searching for different keywords. Additional connections can also be made by importing an email’s address book and connect with people who you already have relationships with.  It is suggested to make a personalised note with any contact request.

Improve keyword optimization

LinkedIn is a Search Engine Optimised (SEO) site.  There are over a billion searches a year on LinkedIn. While it’s true that many of these people search for individuals and companies, they are also searching keywords. These LinkedIn search results are sorted by “relevance.” Those who have the most keywords are the people who get found the easiest.   For example, if a Dutch hiring manager is searching for someone who can assist with marketing, he or she can type in the keywords “Marketing Consultant Den Haag”.  The individual with the most keywords will turn up in that search result along with the person who is a 1st, 2nd or 3rd level connection.

The keywords used should range from the broad to the very targeted. As you never know what someone is looking for, use as many keywords that relate to you and your organization as possible. A LinkedIn user can put these in an assortment of different places. According to, where you put these keywords can matter. Keywords in the name, headline, company name, job title, and skills rank highest. Be it as it may, make sure you are populating these areas with the terms you want to be found for. LinkedIn allows you to have 50 skills, however you only need to select those highly relevant to you and those you want to be recognised for – don’t be a jack of all trades!

Enhance job descriptions

Job descriptions on LinkedIn should be creative, factual, descriptive and concise. Instead of utilising full paragraphs, however, try using a wide variety of relevant keywords. This can be best done through the use of bullet-pointed lists. Formatting your descriptions will also increase your profile’s search results capability.

Collect endorsements

Endorsements used to carry very little weight in how well your profile ranks on LinkedIn search results. However, this changed in September 2012 with a revamping of the website’s search engine algorithm (method of ranking profiles). Ask close colleagues and friends to provide endorsements, and offer the same in reciprocation. The more endorsements received for skills and talents the more often you’ll likely appear in the search results.

Boost group membership

Joining and participating in relevant groups is predominantly done for the purpose of expanding your network. However, this action can also improve the likelihood of your profile appearing high up in the search results.  The group names will appear on your profile; because of this, search engines have no alternative but to survey the titles and learn more about whom you are and what you do. Not only will industry-relevant groups improve the keywords on your profile; but in a similar fashion, local groups like “Jacksonville Copywriting Professionals” can help with geo-targeted SEO.

In today’s online world, professionals can no longer ignore the power of LinkedIn. Every professional should now, in fact be embracing the opportunity to enhance their professional profile and reap the rewards of doing so. As recruiters turn more and more to this free online tool, make sure you can be found quickly and easily. Upload your CV to Teleport My Job now and we’ll provide a free LinkedIn appraisal. Our experts will ensure your profile is representing you in the best possible way and attracting recruiters.


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