Finance Update Q2, 2015

Finance Update Q2, 2015

Within a lot of the emerging markets, many companies look to fill vacancies with employees from more mature markets such as London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore, now so more than ever due to the fragile nature of the market. If you are working in financial services in one of these locations and considering a move to one of the emerging markets, 2015 continues to be positive despite falling oil prices.

Furthermore, as an expatriate, recruitment professionals have cited particular skills, such as western education and experience, specific regulatory knowledge and particular knowledge of the local financial services authority as desirable traits in a candidate.

Key skills and areas companies are looking to improve upon in 2015 are cost reduction, lean efficiencies, laying foundation for further growth, Business process improvement and system implementation. With an eye towards the current digital trend, it is no surprise that many financial executives have indicated they will increase digital spending aiming to improve their online presence, website and online banking experience.


A considerably smaller amount of jobs, Bahrain has 17 available jobs in the sector with 16 of them coming from the nations capital of Manama.

11 of those positions being middle management, positions advertised were senior and chief accountants, revenue supervisor, Assets liability Management senior analyst, accounts payable/receivable assistant and also a Fixed Income Portfolio Manager/Analyst.

Saudi Arabia

In total there were 273 current vacancies in the Accounting, Banking, and Finance in Saudi Arabia, the most popular location being Riyadh, (118) followed by Jeddah,  (65) unsurprisingly, being the two largest cities in KSA.

With the majority being in the accounting banking and finance sector, there are however a handful of administrative roles available and a large number of entry level opportunities (42)  such as junior accountants, financial analyst, and payroll officers.

118 jobs require around 5-10 years experience and 53 management positions. Senior Accountants  and accountants are high in demand,  risk analysts, financial analysts and credit managers were the top 5 most popular job titles in this mid-career pay bracket that could earn you anywhere from $2,000USD per month up to $8,000.

Another factor to consider is many of the jobs are specifying a nationality due to the strict nationalisation laws being implemented. Nonetheless, there are plenty of jobs available for expats.


In Kuwait there were 74 available positions in the banking, accounting and finance sector, over half existing in the main city centre of Kuwait City. 

A strong demand for finance managers and directors, following the trend of the region, accountants were high in demand also.

Over 50 mid-level and management level positions available, there were only 8 entry-level positions and 4 executive director positions advertised. 


According to the job index survey, UAE professionals believe that the most attractive industries in the country – those attracting and retaining top talent – are banking and finance (38 per cent), construction (34 per cent) and oil, gas and petrochemicals (31 per cent).

At the time of publication there were 267 accounting/banking/finance roles available in the UAE, with 181 of them located in Dubai and 40 in Abu Dhabi.

Specifically there were 32 accounting/auditing roles, 40 banking roles, 21 financial services and 38 others including financial clerk and other entry-level positions. 

A high number of mid-level career options with 115 opportunities relevant for those with 5-10 years experience; 66 management roles and 22 entry-level.

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