The Fear of Rejection When Applying for Jobs

The Fear of Rejection When Applying for Jobs

Searching for a job can be a disheartening process. When positive results don’t occur right away, especially when rejection occurs, this can become one of the most stressful and anxiety-producing experiences an individual may face. However, steps can be done to maintain your calm and composure during these difficult moments of the job hunt. Consider these tips to keep your sanity, and increase your candidate viability, during your job search.

Preparation is Key

Like anything, preparation is an essential part of any successful campaign. Very irregularly do you secure employment immediately. You must be prepared 2-3 months out of when you intend to be out of a job and look to be in another. Preparing a formidable CV, cover letter, interview process and networking is all part of the job hunt procedure. Lets have a look at some of them.

Before shipping off more applications

If the job hunt hasn’t been in your favor in recent time, this is a sign that you need to re-evaluate your job search plan. Be sure to give yourself a clear plan, complete with deadlines, a set number of CVs you intend to send out, and a strong idea of the best organizations that fit your intentions.

You need to have as much of your strategy mapped out as possible. It should have as many small sub goals as you can create, all in a timely manner. By creating these goals, you won’t put as much focus on the responses to your applications. You’ll put the focus on what you need to do next in terms of sending them in.

Perfect your cover letter

One critical aspect of obtaining your next position is perfecting the cover letter (link to cover letter mistakes article).  The perfect cover letter could mean the difference between hearing, “When can you start?” and falling victim to human resources obscurity.

Prepare an impressive CV

Strong self-promotion is key to job hunting success. Write an appealing career summary, which focuses on your skills, attitude, knowledge and experience. Use short but impactful sentences to construct your CV; remember that long CVs put off many recruiters and hiring managers.

Demonstrate your professionalism and essential role in past experiences by emphasizing positions with words such as “managed,” “arranged,” and “supervised.” Further, take the time to experiment with different formatting and font styles, so to give a more unique and attractive visual stimulus to the CV’s readers.  


Networking is another powerful tactic to accelerate your job hunting success.Knowing who and where to turn to for assistance can be the difference between acquiring your dream job and not even knowing it has an opening at all.  Take advantage of social media tools such as LinkedIn to develop relationships and industry contacts. While social media is an incredible tool, remember that person-to-person networking is still king.

While the applications are out

The best way to reduce the stress of rejection is to keep sending out applications. Each CV you send out represents another ray of hope. It takes the pressure off of a singular rejection, because you have enough other CVs out to counter the blow.

Sending out a significant number of applications, presuming you take the time to write them well and apply only to jobs that you’re truly qualified for, will ensure each rejection hurts a bit less.

 After a Rejection

Rejections are always a little painful. The key is to find a way to reduce their impact. Remember that a decision to hire someone else isn’t always a choice against you. There may have just been a candidate who had a tad more experience, who gained a slight edge with a particular hiring manager.

Further, it is important to keep in mind that the hiring process is rarely a rational and logical process. The hiring process is a sum of its parts, people. And people, even business professionals, can have their quirks. Put a group of together and try to get consensus among them is a daunting event; it’s a wonder any decisions get made at all. And in such circumstances, the best candidate may fall through the cracks based on personal biases and preferences.

Never Stop Trying

No matter how many rejections you receive or how few interviews you may be getting, it is important to try to keep your spirits high.  Finding meaningful employment is a long and complex process. Be prepared for the long haul and remember that the end will justify the patience and hard work involved in the process.

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