Engineering Industry Update Q3 2015

Engineering Industry Update Q3 2015


Engineering is a sector that has been impacted very differently in comparison to other industries.

Whilst other industries are seeing cutbacks in certain areas, engineering are seeing advancements.

Due to the broad range of engineering positions available, engineering is always an industry where there is a high demand for workers. Culminated with the fact that the current engineering workforce is old, a skills gap and shortage is predicted which will make job demand even higher than current rates.

thanks to the pursuit of advancement in automotive technology, sustainability, industrial automation, biotechnology, infrastructure, and oil and gas exploration, engineers will enjoy a robust career outlook for years to come, according to Kelly Services.

The demand is predicted to rise 11 per cent in the coming years, equating to approximately 240,000 new engineering positions.

Increased government investment in infrastructure and sustainable practices ensures demand remains high for work, particularly in the quickly evolving biomedical engineering field.

Biomedical engineering is predicted to grow the fastest and is set to experience at least 27 per cent growth. Mining and geological engineering are predicted to grow by 19 per cent.

Civil, mechanical, industrial, and electrical engineers, along with architectural and engineering managers are set to see the largest number of new jobs as we head into the second half of the year.

Job Updates

In total we found 614 job vacancies with the title Engineer advertised in the Middle East.

The most amount of engineering jobs were found in the UAE with a total of 209 positions advertised. Of those vacancies, 15 were in the construction sector, 23 civil engineers, 16 in oil and gas and the remaining found across logistics, mining and mechanical.

Saudi Arabia had the next highest number of vacancies, with a total of 174 advertisements with engineer relevant. With the majority of vacancies found in Riyadh (36) Jeddah (13) Jubail (13) and Eastern Province (13).

20 jobs were advertised for engineers in construction, 14 in oil and gas, 21 civil engineers and 75 categorised as other. The majority of vacancies were classified as Mid Career, Career level positions.

Qatar was the next country with the most vacancies, 110 being found at the time of publication. No surprises, but 80 of those vacancies were found in Qatar’s capital, Doha, with 23 positions in the construction industry, 21 civil engineers, 18 consultancy engineers and the remaining in the ‘other’ category.

Again, an overwhelming number of positions were found in the mid-career career level (65).

The remaining positions can be found largely in Egypt (34), Kuwait (35), Jordan (10) and Oman (7).


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