Engineering Industry Update Q2 2015

Engineering Industry Update Q2 2015

The engineering industry is one that expands across many sectors. Prominent engineering industries include the construction and infrastructure, oil and gas, and manufacturing, all have numerous opportunities available in Q2.

However, finding a job has been difficult for engineers in the past year. One of the highest paid positions for people with less than 5 years experience; engineering jobs tend to have a much smaller turnover of employees than other industries. However, there promises to be more jobs in the future, as we begin to see a skills gap appear and demand for engineers rising also.

Obviously, the oil rich states of the gulf provide a lucrative market for many petrochemical engineers, but government spending in other industries to help diversify the reliance on oil to fuel their economy has seen an increase in demand for other engineering professionals.

A combination of the Middle East’s ageing population, growing number of youth and declining oil prices have meant governments have intended to build and invest in healthcare and education infrastructure. This has seen an increase in construction projects planned over the coming years and with it, a demand for civil engineers.

At the time of publication there were over 900 vacancies for a civil engineering positions across the gulf in main city centres like Sharjah, Doha, Dubai, Kuwait City and Jeddah.

By far the most popular country was Qatar with around 230 relevant results found, closely followed by the UAE with 186. Saudi Arabia followed at a distance with 106 relevant search results and Kuwait and Oman had 15 and 12 respectively.

The UAE had the greatest demand for Electrical engineers with 39 advertised vacancies whilst only Saudi Arabia was the only other country with more than 10 active vacancies with 13.

The UAE had the superior number of mechanical engineer positions needing to be filled with 31. Qatar was nine shy of that number with 22 active vacancies. Saudi Arabia had 12 and Oman with 4, Kuwait only having a total of 2 active vacancies.

In the UAE the average monthly salary an electrical engineer can earn is AED 12,000, Mechanical Engineer AED 11,000 and Civil Engineer AED 15,000.

Depending what industry you are working in can influence the amount you get paid with the construction and infrastructure industry paying approximately 13, 211 AED per month whilst the petroleum and energy sector pays their engineers significantly more at 18,500 AED.

In Qatar, those numbers are similar with a general civil engineer earning QAR 11,377. A civil engineer can earn an average of 15, 858 SAR in Saudi Arabia and 688 KWD in Kuwait to round off the main civil engineering hubs in the gulf.

As mentioned in our Q1 update, a demand for biomedical, civil, environmental, and petrochemical engineers continues and will likely be in demand for the next 10 years.

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