Engineering Industry Update for Q4, 2014

Engineering Industry Update for Q4, 2014

Engineers are the foundation of many of the innovations in our modern world, and the Middle East has long been a popular destination for engineers. Oil rich states such as the UAE have built modern cities from the desert-up using funds gained from the exploitation of the vast fossil fuel resources under their very feet.

This is why the requirement for foreign oil and gas engineers continues today, either through an international company or with one of the Gulf states’ own national oil companies. However, with the end in sight for its finite oil and gas reserves, countries like the UAE are now attempting to diversify their industrial base.

Middle East engineering jobs are not confined to the Oil and Gas industry and due to the large infrastructure pipeline most cities such as Doha, Dubai, Riyadh and many other GCC nations, there are plenty of engineering positions available.

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There seems to persist a skills gap between the graduating youth and retiring professionals, however, many nations are looking to offset this by offering better education to enter the workforce. A primary example of this is Qatar who have recently unveiled plans to lead the MENA region in Engineering PhD programmes which will hopefully add substantially to new intellectual property and new enterprise development inside Qatar. With the World Cup infrastructure and Doha Metro currently in development, the civil engineering industry in Qatar is prospering.

Another Engineering industry growing is the environmental and sustainability sector, as buildings look to comply and develop “green” methods as we move into the next 10 years. Employment growth and job opportunities should be good even as more students earn degrees.

However, the sector expected to see the largest increase is within biomedical engineering. It is expected to see a 21% employment growth through to 2016 and leads all other types of engineering in the GCC region. This is due to the ageing population, who will drive demand for better medical devices and equipment designed by biomedical engineers with a look towards more cost effective solutions also.

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