Education Update Q2, 2015

Education Update Q2, 2015

The education industry continues to see huge investment from governments as they aim to bridge the gap between entry level employees not possessing the adequate skills when entering the workforce.

They have seen a rapid expansion across all education levels from primary, secondary and tertiary education.

Quality of schooling ranks lowly on a global scale. The UAE has the highest quality of schools in the Middle East, ranking 45th out of 76 nations. Other major countries include , Iran ranked 51st, Bahrain 57th, Lebanon 58th, Jordan 61st, Tunisia 64th, Saudi Arabia 66th and Qatar 68th.

In saying this, this does not mean Dubai or any of the other nations have access to some of the best schools globally. In fact, Dubai’s International schools rank within the top 10 globally, rather some other public schools skew the rankings according to, Clive Pierrepont, director of communications for education group Taaleem. 

For Abu Dhabi to meet the demand and education requirements, 60,000 private school places will need to be added in the next five years, according to the director general of the Abu Dhabi Education Council (Adec).

This will be a similar trend across the region as a younger population continues to grow and qualifications become a requirement for entry level jobs.

Overall however, there is a net employment outlook of +5% for the coming quarter in the region.


In the UAE, we found a total of 24 Primary school role vacancies available ranging from teaching jobs in the Maths, English, languages, Art, Physical Education, Music and general teachers.

Specifically, Dubai had 4 of those jobs where as Abu Dhabi featured 11. The majority of the roles were at either entry level or mid-career level, perfect for the expat whom is experienced in the field.

Saudi Arabia

Saudia Arabia has 20 Primary school jobs currently advertised, with 8 of them being in Riyadh and 3 of them in Jeddah. Primary school teachers were the most in demand, as well as ESL and English teachers. 

17 of them were mid-career positions, so 3-5 years experience was desired and anything more was a bonus. 


Qatar had 17 job vacancies under teacher, with all of the positions advertised coming from Doha, the nations capital. ESL and English were again high in demand as well as general primary and elementary teachers sought after. Physical education teachers were also high in demand. 


Kuwait has the least amount of teaching jobs available across the four main Middle East locations with more positions in the pre-school years as opposed to primary or elementary school. 

6 nursery or kindergarten roles available, other positions included music teacher, primary teacher and technology teacher.

10 positions require a minimum of 3-5 years experience with only 3 jobs at entry level.

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