Education Industry Update Q3, 2014

Education Industry Update Q3, 2014

Education plays a major role in every aspect of human life. It not only provides knowledge but also gives every individual an opportunity to explore.  Basic education is not just a need in today’s world but it is also knowledge that is passed on to generations. Getting accepted in a good school and a good college is equally important.

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However, the people who live in impoverish countries do not have access to such opportunities. For instance, within UAE, Dubai has a huge population of expats – in fact, approximately 91% of the total population comprise of expats – whose demand for quality schools and universities is driving the sector. At the same time, the government’s push towards higher-level training is also creating jobs for trainers and educationists.

In the United States, there is a great demand for teachers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). Across the board, employment of teachers is expected to grow by 13% until 2018. England is experiencing a shortage of lecturers, and is struggling to find qualified staff. The Department for Education and Employment has introduced performance-related pay, which gives good teachers an immediate £2,000 pay increase.

Canada is increasing its education budget to accommodate the booming student population, and to prepare for growth. The people who have opportunity to learn should never take it for granted, for only education will lead them to success. Salaries also differ at public and private institutions. The highest paid in the teaching profession tend to work in metropolitan areas.

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