Shaping the Future of Dubai: World Expo 2020

Dubai is the most populated city in the United Arab Emirates, and has become the premier business hub of the Middle East. And in October 2020, an unforgettable experience is going to begin here.

At that time, Dubai will be hosting the next World Expo. Dubai will bring together more than 180 nations and an international audience of over 25 million visitors. Dubai’s ambition is to make this event one of the greatest shows that the planet has ever seen.

The World Expo is an event that takes place every five years, with a different host country every time. The most recent Expo took place in 2015 in Milan, Italy; it was organized under the theme “Feeding the Planet: Energy for Life”.

Dubai Expo 2020 will be a six-month long exhibition of trade, innovation, and products from around the globe. Most importantly to the hosts, it is a showcase for Dubai and the entire United Arab Emirates. The event will be held on a massive 438-hectare site on the edge of Dubai. This property is located in the southern district, within proximity to Al Maktoum International Airport. Analysts believe this event will boost tourism and other crucial sectors of the economy, as the government will be investing an estimated US$7 billion on infrastructure.

Organizers behind the 2020 Expo hit the ground running as soon as it was revealed their theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” had won the honor of hosting. Organizers immediately began drawing up plans that would strengthen the region’s infrastructure in preparation for hosting the extravaganza. To put the Expo’s theme into place, Dubai is ensuring it looks after the environment for future generations by investing heavily in alternative energy sources, such as solar power. A new plant is being installed at Al Maktoum International Airport, which will limit the hub’s carbon footprint and help to power other places in the Emirates.

Hosting the event is expected to increase the local GDP by 0.5 percent from 2016-2019. The real estate market is expected to be stimulated during the event. This is particularly significant as Dubai is still in the steady progress of recovering from the 2008 global financial crisis. Dubai predicts 277,000 jobs will be created as a direct result of the Expo. This is a staggering number considering that it equates to 20% of the current workforce of 1.3 million, according to reports by Capital Economics. The Emirates as a whole also forecasts that the event will bring 25 million tourists, which is a 15 million person increase compared to last year’s figure.

Hosting the World Expo truly will be a game-changer for Dubai. By involving cooperation among businesses at every level, as well as government sponsorship, these preparations will push growth every way imaginable. From planning and logistics, to operational execution of the event, Dubai plans to deliver world-class standards and reaffirm Dubai’s status as one of the world’s great metropolises.

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