Best Fit Series: Lifestyle – UAE, Hong Kong, Italy, Germany, Canada, Denmark…

Best Fit Series: Lifestyle – UAE, Hong Kong, Italy, Germany, Canada, Denmark…

In the second part of our ‘Best Fit Series‘ we discover the UAE, Hong Kong, Italy, Germany, Canada and Denmark, looking specifically at the lifestyle and career benefits of relocating to these popular expatriate destinations. You can read the first part to the series here.

No profession or position is truly rewarding if it does not fit within one’s personal styles and sensibilities. One aspect to consider when searching for one’s career overseas is how you will fit into or handle the typical lifestyles found in foreign countries. After all, you will be emerged in new professional cultures at work, and you will not be busy with professional tasks all the time. When considering employment opportunities abroad, it is essential to understand what particular countries have to offer, and which cultural lifestyles best fit with you and your family’s attitudes and interests.

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates continues to have lots of high-paying jobs for expats, who are typically young. The wealthy country provides good working environments and options for raising children. And then there are the world-famous hotels and shopping malls.

Still, the culture is vastly different from the West. Islamic traditions and beliefs make the country very conservative compared to European lifestyles; this includes strict rules of public conduct. It is an exotic environment, blending the Arab world with west. It is by far the best lifestyle fit for westerners in the Middle East.

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Hong Kong

Living in Hong Kong as an expatriate can be a truly life-changing experience. A former British colony, Hong Kong has always been popular with expats from Europe. In recent years low taxation and a high standard of living have attracted people from all over the world. Due to its international influence Hong Kong is a city full of fascinating people. Due to its speedy development and entrepreneurial spirit, it attracts an eclectic mix of individuals and that’s what makes it exciting. In Hong Kong, anything and everything seems possible.

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Like Hong Kong, this is another classic destination with a large expatriate community. Italy has a national culture and history that is second to none, resulting in more sightseeing and recreational outings than anyone could conceivably do. Italians tend to be an extremely friendly people, making it more comfortable to become accustomed with a new language and customs. It is a fantastic destination, no matter where your job may take you.

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Germany provides a unique blend of foreign and native for many western expatriates. Native color is available for expats in gorgeous mountain scenes, castles, Oktoberfest, and the Autobahn. This blends fantastically with many of the features seen in the United Kingdom and United States- modern housing, diverse entertainment, and high caliber sporting events. Germany has much to offer and provides a great intercultural experience.

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Canada is never portrayed as an exotic locale like Thailand or India. However, exoticism does not always equate to compatible living conditions. Many times, individuals are better suited to environments similar to their native lands. Canada is just that. Canada possesses all the best attributes of the United Kingdom or the United States; however, it also possesses one of the friendliest and most good-natured people on the planet. All of this combines to a great lifestyle experience, especially for those who yearn for community spirit and respect.

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One of the aspects most potential expatriates consider before taking the plunge of going abroad is safety; no one wants to place themselves in harm’s way unnecessarily. There is no fear of this in the land of the Danes. Denmark today is the world’s safest country. It is a nation that holds a collective view on human rights advocacy, high levels of gender equality, as well as low levels of homicide and violent crime. Combine this with modern amenities and picturesque cityscapes, Denmark is a very safe and exciting destination.

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Finding the best fit location for your lifestyle, and that of your dependable family members is very important when looking to relocate and build a new home. The sections about should give you a highlight of some of the things on offer in each country, but you can find out more about them by clicking on the links below each section – here you’ll find further information such as job market updates, location information and much more.


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