Best Fit Series – The Benefits of Moving Your Family Life Abroad

Best Fit Series – The Benefits of Moving Your Family Life Abroad

No profession or position is truly rewarding if it does not fit within one’s personal needs and obligations. No responsibility is more crucial than providing a high standard of living for one’s family. While you are busy with professional tasks and office life, your family is left relatively alone to try to assimilate to a way of life usually very foreign from their past experiences. When considering employment opportunities abroad, it is essential to understand what particular countries have to offer, and which cultural lifestyles best fit with the family’s attitudes and interests.


Many individuals desire to make the move to Western Europe, but many fail to consider Belgium at first thought. However, this Low Country provides many of the great advantages found in neighboring states such as the Netherlands, France, and Germany. It is a nation where many familiar languages are spoken (French, German, Dutch, and English are all widely spoken) so cultural interaction is not hindered in the first year. Great tourist attractions and modern conveniences abound, particularly in stunning ancient cities such as Bruges and Brussels. The nation enables families a great blend of work life balance for all to enjoy.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has plenty to offer for expatriate families. Because of its stunning beaches and mountains, Costa Rica is one of the most popular destinations in the world, specifically for American and English expatriates. This means that one has a little leeway in picking up the native tongue, as there will certainly be fellow English speakers almost anywhere you go. The nation also boasts perhaps the most stable government in Central America. Fears of coups and political turmoil are nearly nonexistent; a military regime is not even possible, as the nation has disbanded its military system altogether. It does not hurt to mention the low cost of living, meaning families get more bang for their buck financially as well.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a beautiful country with a rich cultural history. The natives here are particularly friendly to American and British expats. For the spouses of individuals employed in Prague or Brno, there’s always a high demand here for English teachers. The country is also advantageous for families as it is positioned right in the middle of Europe; families are just a train ride away from everything the continent has to offer for day trips and weekend getaways. Even more intriguing is how the Czech Republic is among the cheapest places for expatriates to live in Europe. Those factors alone might make it one of the most comfortable and exciting countries in Europe for American expats.


Portugal is regularly seen as second fiddle to their Iberian neighbors, Spain. However, many of the same advantages seen in Spain can also be found here. Locations such as Lisbon and Setubal have historical and cultural wealth that will keep any family blissfully awed and entertained. Wives and husbands can enjoy local access to vineyard living and great countryside pursuits not easily found in other European destinations. And English speakers are abundant, particularly in the expatriate mecca along the Algarve. Portugal also maintains a lower cost of living compared with Central and Northern Europe.


Thailand makes it reputation as an exotic vacation hotspot; however, it is just as great a locale for permanent residence. Thailand boasts fantastic sightseeing and natural beauty, appeasing the desire for fun attractions and pleasant outdoor activities. Cost of living is inexpensive, allowing a greater proportion of one’s income to more fun and leisurely pursuits. As an extra perk, Thailand is also regarded as a top tier expatriate location regarding health care quality and standards, according to HSBC Bank’s Expat Navigator.


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