How Much Can You Earn in Dubai or Abu Dhabi in the UAE?

How Much Can You Earn in Dubai or Abu Dhabi in the UAE?

Recently we have talked about the wonders of the UAE and the things you can do in your free time. However, often one of the influential factors dictating your move will be pay.

Hays recruitment agency released he Salary Guide providing the latest salary brackets for more than 100 job titles in various industries in the UAE.

Coming from one of the most reliable recruitment sources in the Gulf it provides a comprehensive list and range of salaries for various positions in different industries if you were working in Dubai or Abu Dhabi in the UAE.

How much could you earn in the UAE? Is it more or less than what you earn in your current country?

Below are the month salaries in Emirati Dirham for each position. 


Accountant/Senior Accountant: Dh10,000 – Dh 18,000

Account Receivable/Payable: Dh 8,000 – Dh 18,000


Project Manager: Dh20,000 – Dh46,000

Contracts Manager: Dh24,000 – Dh40,000

Construction Manager: Dh20,000 – Dh48,000

Cost Manager: Dh17,000 – Dh35,000

Quantity Surveyor: Dh15,000 – Dh35,000


Senior Electrical Engineer: Dh32,000 – Dh40,000

Senior Civil Engineer: Dh20,000 – Dh50,000

Planning Engineer: Dh12,500 – Dh55,000

Resident Engineer: Dh20,000 – Dh55,000

Project Engineer: Dh15,000 – Dh25,000

Quality Assurance Engineer: Dh17,000 – Dh20,000

Electrical Engineer: Dh10,000 – Dh18,000


Facilities Manager: Dh15,000 – Dh28,000


Property Manager: Dh15,000 – Dh40,000

Who will be interviewing you?Human Resources

Recruitment Manager: Dh21,000 – Dh50,000

HR Manager: Dh20,000 – Dh36,000

L&D Manager: Dh25,000 – Dh35,000

Talent Management: Dh25,000 – Dh40,000

HR Generalist: Dh15,000 – Dh20,000

Recruitment Specialist: Dh12,500 – Dh20,000

HR Advisor: Dh13,000 – Dh15,000

HR Officer/Assistant: Dh10,000 – Dh15,000

HR Admin Assistant: Dh10,000 – Dh15,000

Recruitment Assistant: Dh10,000 – Dh15,000

Information Technology

Project Manager: Dh15,000 – Dh45,000

IT Manager: Dh15,000 – Dh45,000

Systems Analyst: Dh12,500 – Dh22,000

System Administrator: Dh10,000 – Dh22,000

Software Engineer: Dh10,000 – Dh20,000

Network Administrator: Dh10,000 – Dh19,000

Network Engineer: Dh10,000 – Dh18,000

IT Engineer: Dh10,000 – Dh18,000


Digital Marketing Manager: Dh20,000 – Dh30,000

Marketing Executive: Dh15,000 – Dh23,000

Social Media Manager: Dh15,000 – Dh20,000

Public Relations Executive: Dh13,000 – Dh20,000

Assistant Brand Manager: Dh12,000 – Dh15,500

Marketing Assistant: Dh10,000 – Dh14,000

Account Manager: Dh9,000 – Dh12,000

Office Support

Office Manager: Dh10,000 – Dh25,000

Executive Assistant: Dh12,000 – Dh25,000

Personal Assistant: Dh15,000 – Dh25,000

Executive Secretary: Dh13,000 – Dh22,000

Administrator: Dh10,000 – Dh18,000

Team Assistant: Dh9,000 – Dh18,000

Reception: Dh6,000 – Dh16,000

Administration Assistant: Dh4,000 – Dh12,000

ship, logisticsLogistics

Logistics Manager:  Dh15,000 – Dh30,000

Planning Manager:  Dh20,000 – Dh30,000

Logistics Specialist: Dh10,000 – Dh18,000

Logistics Coordinator: Dh10,000 – Dh17,000

Customer Service Executive: Dh7,000 – Dh15,000

Supply Chain Coordinator: Dh10,000 – Dh22,000

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