Tax-Free Salary Guide In Kuwait

Tax-Free Salary Guide In Kuwait

What you can potentially earn abroad is always one factor that lures expats abroad. With a tax free income and generally higher wages, that is what makes the gulf such an attractive place to relocate to.

Kuwait is one of the richest countries in the world; it is also an expensive place to live. This is why salary is a priority to know before you take the plunge.

The good news however, is that salaries in Kuwait are handsome, and culminated with each pay check being tax free, it is certainly a favourable location to move to. 

Kuwait - Well Worth The Move!In one of the latest salary reports to be released by, there were some interesting findings to mention.

It showed that females, on average are actually paid higher than their male counterparts, a reversal of the current gender equality situation in the Middle East. The sheer number of male employees working in labour workforces may offset this number but certainly a notable highlight from the report.

The hospitality sector is a huge industry in Kuwait, with average salaries around $45,000 USD, but the construction industry had the highest average salary of common expat jobs earning on average $72,000 USD per year.

These are relatively strong numbers with the average, non-educated salary, earning $45,000 USD per year and $78,000 USD average salary for those with tertiary qualifications.

In fact, Kuwait was reported to have the largest increase in expat salaries according to Gulf Business, with salaries rising 10.19 per cent.

How much could you get paid? Have a look at each job position below and the corresponding average salary.


Job Position Salary KWD
Junior Accountant 9,696
Civil Engineer 14,577
Electrical Engineer 13,167
Mechanical Engineer 12,284
Registered Nurse 12,759
Sales Associate 7,742
Staff Nurse 9,560
Construction Manager 21,042
Elementary teacher 13,906
ESL Teacher 14,725
IT Manager 19,341
Systems Engineer (IT) 11,600
Project Manager (Construction) 22,290
Secretary 8,612

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