Average Salary for Expats in the Middle East (Infographic)

Average Salary for Expats in the Middle East (Infographic)

The expatriate lifestyle caters to the adventurous and daring. After all, it takes a certain type of individual to uproot and move abroad in the quest for greener pastures. However, like any move it doesn’t come without many careful considerations and whether it makes financial sense is usually at the forefront of most peoples minds.

However, monetary compensation can be quite handsome in the Middle East with the average expat salary exceeding potential earnings at home. For example, as a General Manager, you can earn $13,750 USD per month – tax free – in the Middle East, compared to the average General Manager wage in America being a meagre $4,000USD per month.

Even among some of the lowest paid salaries, such as a sales manager positions, you can receive $7,667 USD, double the amount an average salesperson makes in the USA also, according to PayScale.

And it is good news for 2015 as salaries are forecasted to rise by 4.8% in the UAE, a number only superseded by Saudi Arabia and Oman’s salary increase which stands at 5.4%, the equal highest of any GCC nation.

Below is an infographic of various positions in the Middle East and the average salaries they command as an expat. Take a look at how much could you be earning in the Gulf and the differences in wages per country.

Average Expat Salary in the Middle East

Overall, the Middle East remains a lucrative place for expats to relocate. If you would like help relocating, upload your CV now for a free consultation and to receive the latest job postings worldwide.

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