An Expat’s Paradise: Singapore

An Expat’s Paradise: Singapore

Over the years, Singapore has lured countless expatriates to work and live there. Being one of the top expat destinations, why do expats love this nation? Check out the reasons below about and see for yourself why you should consider relocating to Singapore.

Singapore, The Expat’s Paradise

Location, location, location

As the world continues to evolve, the growth and influence of Southeast Asia continues to rise. Centrally located within this up-and-coming region is none other than Singapore. With its world class port and shipping centres, Singapore is-and will continue to be- the epicentre of this advancement. Whether you aim to capitalise economically on the great access to the nearby markets of Indonesia, India, Australia and the rest of Asia, or you hope to establish a perfect home base so to easily travel to these other locales, Singapore’s real estate can’t be beaten.

Idyllic climate

Singapore climate

With an equatorial, humid climate, Singapore offers a unique climate that is easy to live in all year round. Singapore is generally hot and humid. Average daytime temperatures typically reach 30 degrees Celsius, and rarely drop below 20 degrees Celsius all year round. The only time the weather seems to change is during the rainy season, which usually occurs from November to December.

For those who enjoy the sun and heat, Singapore is a good choice. With many beaches on the island you will have just as many opportunities to enjoy the weather.

Economic opportunity awaits

No matter how gorgeous a location can be, it is hard to reconcile a move abroad if one cannot maintain a comfortable standard of living. Luckily for potential expats, salaries in Singapore are amongst the most competitive in Asia.

Individuals with less than one year of experience can earn a median salary of approximately S$30,000; meanwhile, the median income for those with twenty years of experience is close to S$120,000. Salaries are regularly reviewed and updated by national task forces which work to ensure that wages match the increase in the cost of living and are in line with changes in the global economy.



Have more disposable income

A healthy salary can seriously be undermined by government policies and crippling taxes. This is not the case in Singapore however. Goods and services are not taxed too heavily; even personal income tax goes up only to 20% for those who fall within the highest tax bracket. This means that those who have children can easily employ helpers to assist in their domestic duties.

Reasonable cost of living

At first glance the cost of living in Singapore may seem disheartening. If you simply read information online, you may develop the view that it is a very expensive place to live. With more thoughtful consideration though, the cost of living is not a serious detriment. Singapore offers the highest standard of living in South East Asia; when you take into account your higher disposable income available, a slightly increased cost of living can easily be managed. And like most Southeast Asian nations, if you deviate away from the tourist hubs, food, clothing, and just about everything remarkably drops to acutely reasonable levels.

Blend of the exotic and familiar

Singapore food

ECA International has ranked Singapore as the top Asian destination for expats. One of reasons for this status is because the republic overs a unique blend of the foreign and familiar. Singapore maintains its cultural and historical charms while also embracing technological and societal innovations found in the West.

For instance, Singapore offers an easy and relative efficient public transport. Healthcare facilities and international schools, many on par with those found in the United Kingdom or the United States, are also available. Singapore has a very low crime rate, and a highly skilled and trained security apparatus is in place for those rare instances of activity. Sport, travel and entertainment opportunities are also topnotch, providing many outlets to take advantage of your disposable income.

Avoid language barriers

Singapore has four official languages. Luckily for many expats, English is one of these four. In fact, English is the common language of commerce and convenience. At the country’s famed hawker food-stalls, or once your colleagues at work are comfortable with you, you’ll soon be exposed to a constant stream of Singapore’s unique brand of English, known affectionately as Singlish.

With all this considered, it’s no wonder that expats account for one-third of the population. Consider joining their ranks and take advantage of all that Singapore has to offer.


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