Aim higher in 2014 – Tips to push you to your next career level

Aim higher in 2014 – Tips to push you to your next career level

The New Year is well under way and some of your resolutions may have already fallen by the way side. Giving up sugar, daily exercise or volunteering may have already to start to feel like mammoth tasks.  However, the same does not have to occur to your career goals. Redirecting some of that New Year’s energy and optimism into the daily grind may help you feel more accomplished in the long run. Work is, after all, where you spend most of your time.  2014 could be the year you do what it takes to feel satisfied and appreciated in your career. These small steps could make a significant difference towards reaching greater career heights.

It is all about the CV

Even if you are comfortable at your current job, keeping your CV up to date is essential. Career opportunities often arise unexpectedly.

Keeping a few CVs that are tailored to specific companies or to dream jobs will also redirect your focus towards your career’s ultimate goal every time you update your personal information and work-experience.

Know thyself

Having your achievements in writing also reminds you of your strong suits. Staying aware of what you are, and are not, capable of is the best route to feeling comfortable and confident around your co-workers and bosses. You are the best person to gauge when you need to push yourself and when you need to back off.

Speak up

Reminding your boss that you know what you are worth to the company is beneficial to both of you. Companies thrive when employers are aware of their position in the marketplace. If you want a higher salary, speak up.

If you are afraid of seeming aggressive, or if your boss seems to be allergic to the word ‘promotion’, try introducing the subject by asking for a check-in about your “role in the company” or your “career path”. Don’t be afraid to push for a specific meeting time, especially if you are around your boss throughout the work day. Meeting in a formal way will let your boss know that you are serious about the topic of discussion.

Be flexible 

Scheduling a meeting will also give your boss time to prepare logistically and to assess your time at the company. Often times the rise in salary you may be looking for is simply unavailable. Be prepared for that and offer alternatives like the promotion of your title or new projects to show your boss that advancing in your career is high on your list of priorities. Taking on more work without more pay seems counter-intuitive when you were looking for a promotion. But doing so will allow you to feel confident and deserving about bringing up the rise in salary again at a later time.

Keep at it

Getting what you need in the workplace can be a very taxing process.

If you fell short of getting a promotion you were chasing, or succeeding in a new project, let some time pass and reintroduce the goal into your career path.

And breathe 

Spending all of your time working is, simply put, bad for you. If you start thinking of activities that have nothing to do with your work as guilty pleasures, you may need to reassess the amount of time you spend at the office or in front of the computer.

Relaxing is not an indulgence. Your brain and body needs down-time like they need water and sleep. Make sure to keep friends and interests separate from your job. This is ultimately beneficial to moving up the career ladder. You will be more personable, likable and comfortable at work if you are well-rested and well-rounded.

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